What Is a Bluetooth Tracker?

What Is a Bluetooth Tracker?

Billions of devices are shipped out each year with Bluetooth capabilities, allowing them to pair and connect with a wide range of other devices. Bluetooth has become a staple in the tech industry, and tons of new products are designed to use it every year.

One of these newer uses for Bluetooth is as a tracking device. But what is a Bluetooth tracker, and how does it work? Read on for your complete guide to Bluetooth trackers!

What is a Bluetooth Tracker?

A Bluetooth tracker is a small device that can pair with your smartphone, allowing you to locate it within a limited area. These trackers are usually fairly small and are designed to be placed on the most commonly lost household objects.

Bluetooth trackers are a little different from what many people think of when they think of trackers. They have a limited range, and can't usually help find something far away, like if your car gets stolen. In a situation like that, a GPS tracker is what people will want to use.

Bluetooth tracking can help find objects like keys, wallets, phones, your camera bag, or anything else you decide to track! You can attach one of these trackers to an object you frequently lose and then use your smartphone or another device to help find it in case you lose it yet again..

Pebblebee Finder 2.0 bluetooth tracker

How Does it Work?

The Bluetooth tracking device, sometimes known as a tag, will have a unique Bluetooth signature in it. Typically, a user will download an app to go along with that tracker and then pair their phone with the device. Once it's paired, the phone is connected to the tracker and can help find it!

Almost all of the trackers will use a lithium-ion battery of some sort. However, some devices will use replaceable or rechargeable batteries, while others will use non-replaceable batteries. This varies depending on the purpose of the tracker and the brand producing it.

All trackers have a little chip inside them that helps make the whole thing work properly. This chip works just like a regular computer chip, helping the device know what it needs to do and connect with a phone or other device. There's usually an antenna as well to help your tracker properly receive the Bluetooth signal.

In addition, many tracker have a small speaker that lets it make a sound or ringtone when you tell your phone to track it. This allows you to follow the sound and find your device quick and easy!

Many trackers let you customize your color choice as well as your melody. This customization will let you decide what style is easiest for you to locate, helping you find your lost things even faster!

As time goes on, the technology for these trackers has improved. Bluetooth trackers now have a range of several hundred feet, allowing you to locate your things almost anywhere within your home or property.

What Are Some Uses for Bluetooth Trackers?

There are plenty of reasons to get a tracker for your belongings. One of the most popular is for people who frequently lose their keys, wallet, or purse. You clip or slide a tracker onto these objects, and next time you're running late, you don't need to spend another ten minutes tearing apart the house!

People also use these trackers for backpacks, book bags, and other similar equipment. This is particularly useful if you have kids! Now instead of trying to have the kid remember where they left their gym bag, you can just use the tracker to find it right away.

Various other devices and objects can also use trackers, particularly if you find that you lose them a lot. These can be anything from umbrellas and coats or even your toolbox!

Try putting a Bluetooth tracker in your car! This is particularly useful in big parking lots where people are prone to forget where they parked.

And believe it or not, you can also use a tracker to find your phone! Many trackers have a "reverse" function, where you can press the button on the tracker and have it signal your phone. Even if your phone is on silent mode, it should still make a sound if you're in range. At least this is a feature that works on all Pebblebee bluetooth trackers!

Where Can You Get One?

There are plenty of different companies and places that have various Bluetooth trackers for sale. These range from a small card that can fit in a wallet to extra tags that can attach to keychains or be stuck in bags.

We here at Pebblebee have several types of Bluetooth trackers available for almost any need. If you want something that's easy to slip into a pocket, or you're looking for a tracker that can clip onto a ring or keychain, we've got you covered!

We've even incorporated GPS technology into some of our trackers! We now have a dog GPS that lets you track your dog's whereabouts if they escape. This, combined with a short-range Bluetooth tracker for your home, can let you keep track of them no matter if they're close by or far away.

Learn More About Trackers!

What is a Bluetooth tracker? One of the most useful tools you never knew you needed! Now that you've had Bluetooth tracking explained, there's nothing stopping you from getting your own trackers and making your life easier!

Our Bluetooth trackers can help you locate your lost belongings, all with the push of a button. So if you'd like to get some trackers for yourself or learn more about our tracker options, contact us! We'd be happy to help you find the tools that work best for your situation.