• $35.00
  • $29.00
Works with Alexa & Google Assistant

Honestly Never Lost

Available as a keychain fob or credit card form factors to keep every item found.

Locate Anywhere With CrowdGPS

Every Pebblebee product is part of the CrowdGPS® network allowing every user to pitch in on helping you find your lost items.

Product Comparison Chart

Finder 2.0


Ringer 115dB 105dB 95dB
Range 500 Feet 500 Feet 200 Feet
LED Light
Rechargeable Rechargeable Rechargeable Replaceable CR2032
Product Type Item finder Wallet finder Item finder
Last Known Location
Button Press to find phone. Double press to find phone. Press to find phone.
Material Plastic with anondized aluminium ring Plastic Plastic with stainless steel ring
Amazon Alexa
Google Assistant
Crowd GPS®
Left Behind Notification
Battery Life Upto 6 mos on a single charge Upto 4 mos on a single charge 1 year

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Cybersherrif (New Fairfield, CT)
Love These Things

Small, unobtrusive and they work. Great for passports, wallets anything that's slim.
I also throw them in my suitcases when traveling. Always know when my luggage is and when it is arriving.

Marilyn Jackson (Austin, TX)
Very Satisfied

I have received the pebblebee and I really really like it. I attach it to my keys. and I can always find my keys if I should misplace them. Thanks😂

Brecky Bihary (Mount Vernon, WA)
I have about 10 now!

As I get older I feel like I misplace things more often. So, these trackers have helped in the the situations of when I do put my keys down in a place they should not be put like in our catch-all bin. I will be ordering more for that hard-to-find-gifts-for, person!

jennifer Tracy (Wallingford, CT)
Love it!!

I bought this for my niece’s fiancé because he’s always losing his wallet. He was so excited when I surprised him with this card! He put it in his wallet right away and he already has misplaced it several times in the house. Now the card beeps when you lose the wallet and it’s so much easier to find it now! This black card has saved them so much aggravation and stress of not being able to find the wallet. We are definitely happy customers and recommend this to anyone who lose their wallet or anything else all the time!

Dennis M. Ahern (Pompano Beach, FL)
Best tracking device EVER!!

Now that I have had some time working with my devices I am very impressed by the performance of the devices. I only have a couple criticisms. The device and its programming still does not work on an Android platform. Secondly, there are a lot of updates. I know with a new device there ae going to be, but that entails some specially inconvenient work for me. One is in my car, ones in my closet (default) one is on my car keys, one is in my EDC, and three I gave as presents to other people. I really like the devices and I am happy that I have them and that they work well. I couldn’t ask for anything more perfect!! You all spent, and are still spending, a LOT of your time on this project!! I know it will payoff. Hell,i= I liked the blackboard so much that I ordered more from your website as well as another finder 2.0 for my other dog’s collar!! Keep up the good work!!