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Lost without it!

I'm scatterbrained when it comes to keeping track of my car keys. I love this little tool that saves time when looking for them.


Fits well in my wallet, nice and loud!

Love Pebblebee!

Love Pebblebee. Has saved me several times when I misplaced my keys. Highly recommended.

Black Card to double down

I was so impressed with my initial experience with your app, card and button (which I use to keep track of my dog) I just had to order an additional card. So many uses make this product number one on my suggestion list over the holidays.

Super thin card

Purchased this over the holidays. I always forget my things so this will help me track my wallet far so good

Phenomenal product. Simple device, works well, easy to activate

Nice and thin

Not as loud as I had hoped for, and when you put it inside the wallet it really dampens the sound. Also had trouble getting it to connect, but finally worked.

Works great

Perfect for those like me who frequently misplace their wallet. Makes finding lost items a breeze.

Fantastic product

User friendly, no advanced degree in computer science to use. Company responds to questions. Will purchase more in the future for family

Looks good so far.


Works great!

Bought this for my wife who is always misplacing her phone/keys. Works great highly recommended!

Purchased again

I have a difficult time finding things to include my 7 pound Chihuahua who loves to hide. So when I am running late for work I no longer have to call for him. Pebblebee will buzz and locate the rascal.


Unable to comment as it was a Christmas gift. I’ve used one in the past and it really works.

Rechargeable good?

One more like Trakr, Tile, etc. except that you can charge this one. Which means that you need to recharged a couple arge it! I think the others last longer without needing attention. The wages of louder and somewhat longer range.. When I use
a tracker, I attach it toe the valuable object. Charging it when it is attached can be a pain. To me, this means that there is greater risk of losing the item because one delays recharging.

Finder 2.0 is a great improvement

This product is much better than the former pebblebee finder. Range and accuracy is improved, and the sound is so much higher. I can finally hear the Finder ringtone, even from the other end of my house. It's a very fine product, highly recommendable.

Tracking pods

It very good

Finder 2.0

Easy setup

Battery life

Seems to be using a lot of my phone’s battery (5 - 10 %). Anyway to reduce battery usage?


I added these as a second backup to some frequently misplace items. I like how easy they were to install and the are rechargeable.




V2. Works well easier to add to key chain that the V1

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