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good product

Correction, earlier I checked the wrong circle 1 for rating it should have been 5.


Very happy with great product.


It's a gift for my son but he hasn't got it yet. He works out of state so when he gets home, I will give it to him. Thanks!



Great product, very happy with my purchase

Pebblebee’s Finder Devices ROCK!

I own both a Finder 2.0 and BlackCard. Both devices are incredibly useful. The Pebblebee app works seamlessly with both devices, and I appreciate that the batteries are rechargeable and last for months when fully charged. I am very happy with my Pebblebee Finder devices!

Very good produc!!

Love this!

My kids rolled their eyes at this idea (gift in their stockings for xmas) but have realized how useful it is already... my son loses his wallet weekly and the card has saved him 3x already and my daughter now appreciates how often she needs the key finder option! Lifesaver!


before i ve got my finders i searched my keys and glasses all time now my life has changed i find it with a simple beep

Very handy

Saves me a lot of panic in the morning looking for my wallet before I leave for work. Thanks guys!

Sleek, subtle, loud!

‘Love these Pebblebee solutions, especially the Blackcard. It’s sleek enough to add to any wallet, including the modern thinner front-pocket-styles that I favor these days. Whether you stuffed that wallet into a gym bag, backpack or s piece of luggage, you’ll definitely hear it sing when you check it’s location from you cellphone. I also have two additional cards, one to tuck in my day pack and also in a luggage piece that has sometimes gone astray. Lol. It can be a real time and sanity-saver for you too...this is one of the rare reviews I’ll ever do because this card and also the Pebblebee key finders are saving my sanity at least once a week in this rapid-fire lifestyle. Buy and use it, you will love it too.

Single moms best friend

Everyone’s wallet and keys have a pebble bee. Makes leave the house so much easier.

Great product. Great service.


Very satisfied!


What a fantastic product

Lost without it!

I'm scatterbrained when it comes to keeping track of my car keys. I love this little tool that saves time when looking for them.


Fits well in my wallet, nice and loud!

Love Pebblebee!

Love Pebblebee. Has saved me several times when I misplaced my keys. Highly recommended.

Black Card to double down

I was so impressed with my initial experience with your app, card and button (which I use to keep track of my dog) I just had to order an additional card. So many uses make this product number one on my suggestion list over the holidays.

Super thin card

Purchased this over the holidays. I always forget my things so this will help me track my wallet far so good

Phenomenal product. Simple device, works well, easy to activate

Nice and thin

Not as loud as I had hoped for, and when you put it inside the wallet it really dampens the sound. Also had trouble getting it to connect, but finally worked.

Works great

Perfect for those like me who frequently misplace their wallet. Makes finding lost items a breeze.

Fantastic product

User friendly, no advanced degree in computer science to use. Company responds to questions. Will purchase more in the future for family

Looks good so far.