A bluetooth tracking device for everyday life.

Introducing Pebblebee, the easiest way to tag, track and find anything.

At Pebblebee, we want to make your life a little easier. With a range of functions, the Honey Bluetooth tracking device is the most effective loss prevention system in the world. Tag what you lose most and always have the peace of mind you will be able to track it down later. Happy Tracking!

  • Universal Button

    Adjust the preloaded settings to find your phone or take a picture using the button on your device.

  • Range Finder

    Make finding things easier by following the range finder to where the item is hiding.

  • Alert System

    When you get close, turn on the loud speaker or LED to find your item in seconds.

Range up to 150ft

Your Pebblebee communicates with your phone using Bluetooth LE technology. That signal will have a strong connection up to 150 ft depending on obstruction. Inside, your device will experience limited visibility, while outside its range will increase.



Easily sign in and sync your device to the Pebblebee cloud, automatically uploading the location it was last seen to the app’s map using your phone’s GPS.


We like our privacy too. All of your data is encrypted and secure on the Pebblebee cloud.

Track it

Play hot and cold with a range indicator that will lead you to within a couple feet of your hidden object.

Find it

Once you have located the general whereabouts of your Pebblebee, use the device’s loud speaker or LED light to quickly finish the search.


Share your Pebblebee’s with your friends so they can find them too or know where you are at in the world. For example, use this to securely share the location of your hidden house key.


Compatibility: Android 4.4+ (Bluetooth 4.0 equipped devices), iPhone 4S or newer, iPad3, and iPad Mini

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