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Meet Found LTE

Keep track of your pet anywhere with our premium GPS Dog Tracker, using LTE-M and Polte for precision tracking. Longest lasting rechargeable batteries on the market. Set Virtual Fence and get notified if your pet is wandering off. See your dogs location directly from your phone.


Meet Finder 2.0

Locating lost items is easier than ever with the all new Finder 2.0. The Finder is the only rechargeable key finder on the market, with an impressive range of 500 feet.

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Meet BlackCard

Super thin and super loud, the BlackCard boasts a 500 foot range, adjustable speaker and rechargeable battery. It is perfect for wallets, tablets and even your TV remote control.

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Works with Alexa & Google Assistant

Attach, Ring & Locate

Add a Pebblebee product to your keychain, wallet or valuable gear to easily locate your items from your phone.

Honestly Never Lost

Available as a keychain fob or credit card form factors to keep every item found.

Locate Anywhere With CrowdGPS

Every Pebblebee product is part of the CrowdGPS® network allowing every user to pitch in on helping you find your lost items.

A Million Thanks

After several million devices sold here are a few customer comments.

I’ve used several of the “finders,” including some of the funded ones. So far the Pebblebee Finder really rocks! Easy setup. Nice loud sound when looking for it. Great design with the durability you require. 


He's not extremely tech-savvy, so I did have to walk him through using the app the first time, but after a few days (and plenty of opportunities to practice, LOL) he was able to fully use all features.

Brianasaurusrex - Amazon

I've put these on luggage for the entire family. We use them to make sure our checked bags are on the flight with us and don't wander too far away.


I constantly lose my keys. I am so excited that now I can make it out the door and not have to drive like a mad man to work.


Great Product! The design is very sleek and it’s very easy to use! It blends in well it’s my keychains because of the shape and it’s made of very high quality product!


This device saves me a lot of time in the morning, rather than spinning looking for my keys I use my phone app to locate the keys to the car and or the house, by sound. I have 2 I am buying 2 more...GREAT GIFT!

One_moreolo - Amazon

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Our team has built the best item trackers on the market thanks to customers like you. Learn more about our 7+ year journey.

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