Your Personal Lost & Found
This is PebbleBee
Your Personal Lost & Found

Never Lose The Things You Love

The Things You Need

Or The Things You Can’t Live Without

PebbleBee is The Best Way to
Keep All Your Losts, Found

App Features

  • Find my phone with either sound or LED flash
  • Take selfies
  • Share your pebble bee (for instance if you have hid the key for the house)
  • Cloud support
  • Lost and last seen functionality

PebbleBee has been created by two passionate tech engineers, that have put in 100 % of the effort to create the very best personal tracker on the market!

Water Resistant

Bright internal LED for finding your things in the dark

Loud speaker to find your item

Low Energy Bluetooth

2 yrs lasting replaceable battery

The Best On the Market

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