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Our Story


Pebblebee is a multifaceted trackables company helping people save time with our patented tracking solutions.  The Pebblebee idea first emerged in 2012 as a necessary solution to staying connected with a curious toddler’s endless ability to hide things like keys and remote controls.  After failed attempts at other homemade solutions, both founders, Daniel and Nick, collaborated to find a way to take back control.  That meeting resulted in a vision: help people stay connected to their valuables and loved ones.   

We've designed feature rich solutions that help you keep track of your valuables, with numerous fun features. Our Pebblebee product line caters to both consumers and businesses alike.  We help connect consumers to their valuables with safety applications as well as enterprise asset/inventory tracking. 

Pebblebee has come a long way from a vision and support from thousands of backers to now having shipped over a million units selling at big retailers worldwide such as Costco. Our team comes from a plethora of well known companies including Google, Apple, Microsoft, Boeing, Hewlett-Packard, GE, HBO and more. We are passionate about creating high quality, design driven, innovative solutions to everyday problems and strive to provide a superior customer service experience.

For questions and press inquiries please message us at contact@pebblebee.com.






Ringer 80 db 95 db 105 db
Range 150 Feet 200 Feet 150 Feet 500 Feet
LED Light
Rechargeable 3 Mos On a Single Charge
Replaceable Battery CR2430 CR2032 CR2032
Product Type Item Tracker Item Tracker And Smart Button Shortcut Button With Sensors Ultra Slim Item Tracker
Price $25.00 $29.99 $30.00 $34.99
Button Press to find phone. Press to find phone. Press to find phone, selfie, IFTTT integration for smart home functionality (Trigger house lights, open/close garage, etc). Double Press To Find Phone.
Last Known Location
Durability Plastic stainless steel frame Plastic Plastic
Amazon Alexa
Google Assistant
Webhook Call
Temperature Sensor
Motion Sensor
Crowd GPS®
Left Behind Notification
Battery Life 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
Mobile Compatibility iOS
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