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You don't truly appreciate something until it is lost.

At Pebblebee, we're pioneers in transforming ordinary objects into smart, trackable assets. Our embedded tracking technology empowers businesses and consumers alike to seamlessly monitor and locate their valuables with ease. From outdoor gear to personal belongings, we specialize in tailor-made solutions compatible with Apple Find My and Google's Find My Device. Join us as we revolutionize the way you track what matters most.

Daniel Daoura,
Pebblebee CEO & Co-founder

Tailored form factors
for all use cases

We design trackers in a range of form factors, and can tailor solutions based on your use case. From ultra slim wirelessly charged module embeddable in skis to convenient keychain with rechargeable USB-C.

10 years of industry experience

Our highly skilled team has been building location tracking solutions for many years. We have built the expertise and have the largest IP portfolio in the tracking category.

Full stack of tracking networks

We integrate with multiple tracking networks such as GPS, LTE-M, Apple Find My and Google's Find My Device. Featuring cross-platform firmware updates, Pebblebee App support, and enterprise SDKs, for a complete tracking solution.

PEAK Lôc8™
The world's first trackable ski

This innovation prevents loss and aids in retrieval during travel, supported by a rechargeable battery lasting the season. In partnership with Pebblebee, Peak Ski offers unprecedented convenience and security on the slopes.

Hardware, Firmware & Apps

From the initial concept to the final product, our comprehensive approach ensures that each step of the process is meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs and visions of our partners.

CEO & Co-Founder of Peak Skis
Andy Wirth

"Peak is proud to have partnered with Pebblebee® to create the game-changing PEAK Lôc8, a first-of-its-kind locating and tracking device in select models of the 24/25 line of Peak skis.  With Google's new 'Find My Device' release, we are excited that Android users can now join their iOS counterparts in having a seamless way to track down lost gear equipped with PEAK Lôc8.” said Andy Wirth, Peak Ski Company cofounder and CEO.  “At the very core of Peak's ethos is innovation, and we're thrilled to partner with a company like Pebblebee that shares the same drive and commitment to excellence. This is just the beginning - we look forward to continue breaking new ground together."

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From idea to reality

Specializing in embedded tracking technology, we partner with businesses across a wide array of industries to incorporate smart, trackable capabilities into their products. Services we provide:

1. Complete Product Design Turn-Key Service

For any new designs or embedded solutions that require use-case-tailored designs, we can offer the complete service package including hardware design, firmware development, compliance advisory and completing certification process for a newly designed product.

2. Pre-Certified tracking module to be embedded into existing or new products

We currently offer a stamp sized tracking module, that requires connecting a DC power source, a button input and LED indication. Thanks to Pebblebee providing the complete solution of hardware and firmware, the certification process with Apple and Google will be much faster and hassle free.

3. Firmware image license and advisory

We can also offer a firmware image package, with a complete feature set required for FMN/FMD compliance that could be uploaded into a compatible SoC included in the product design. As long as Pebblebee compliance requirements are met and the final product passes our QA testing, we can also offer MFi/FMD product plan ownership and support with certification.

A Broad Range of Use Cases

Outdoors recreation




Luggage & Wallets



Industrial tools

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