How Far Can Bluetooth Tracking Devices Detect?

How Far Can Bluetooth Tracking Devices Detect?

If you already use Bluetooth technology in your day-to-day life, you should consider using Bluetooth tracking devices. It's a type of technology that allows you to track what means the most to you within a short range.

There are some things that we use in our lives that we just can't go without during the day. Most of those things we might misplace on a regular basis. Tracking them down again takes time away from our busy schedules. Pebblebee Bluetooth and GPS trackers can change all that.

How Exactly Does Bluetooth Tracking Work?

When you have different items that you're using all the time it might be helpful to have something in place that will help you find it when you need it. A Bluetooth tracker does exactly that. It's a small gadget that can be used to locate those items that you lose all the time.

How exactly do they work? Well, these devices use Bluetooth low energy. This is also referred to as Bluetooth 4.0 or BLE. BLE connects to your mobile devices and it sends data to your device if it's within range. It's a way to keep track of your things over fairly short distances.

These devices can also be used for streamlined surveillance. This could be for items that are in or outside. They are also versatile enough to be used for not only technology but children, pets, vehicles, and anything else that you would want to keep track of within a short enough range for the signal to be reached.

Bluetooth power trackers usually only work within a certain range and that's just because of how Bluetooth technology works. Most of these trackers range to 200 feet but if you consider products from Pebblebee you can expect that range to increase by significantly more than half the general standard distance.

The maximum range that one of these trackers can cover depends on the type of device. Take the Finder 2.0 for example. Its range reaches 500 feet with a ring volume of 115dB and can provide up to six-month of battery life on just a single charge.

What Exactly Is The Difference between Bluetooth and GPS Tracking?

The main difference between Bluetooth GPS trackers is the coverage that they provide. GPS trackers will often be used as a standalone device and it generally provides a constant connection to any type of item that you want to keep track of.

Bluetooth, however, uses Bluetooth low energy technology whenever they get connected to a mobile device. They have a shorter range which will vary depending on the brand and the type of Bluetooth tracker that you are using.

Bluetooth trackers communicate both ways and one of its popular features is that it warns you through your phone when one of your items is out of range, goes offline, or has been located. When comparing GPS vs. Bluetooth Tracking generally, GPS tracking devices are a little more sophisticated.

As with Bluetooth, there is a huge variety of GPS trackers, all with different features and coverage ranges.

Bluetooth Tracking Devices: What Can They Do?

How does how does Bluetooth tracking work? These devices usually use Bluetooth low energy, which is a personal area network that was designed to increase efficiency within different industries such as security, health care, fitness, and home entertainment.

Although it is used in smart telecommunication devices it is capable of doing various things over a short distance range. Bluetooth devices can handle a large amount of data and it enables you to connect multiple devices across personal networks.

The most popular reason for utilizing Bluetooth tracking devices is to keep yourself from misplacing any of your things. These trackers reduce the need for wasting large amounts of time when it comes to locating your belongings.

If you want to keep track of your keys, wallet, your pet, or even your work bag, Bluetooth tracking technology can help. They will usually send a connection to the item that you wish to track while emitting a loud sound to direct you to the item.

You can track almost any item with a Bluetooth tracker, including your car, your bicycle or motorcycle, or any other valuable personal items that you want to protect from getting lost.

Why Get A Bluetooth Tracker?

If you want a simple way to keep track of your belongings then you want to consider Bluetooth tracking devices. They are small in size, send alerts regarding the location of an item and you also get a location when the item goes offline or off route.

These devices are often waterproof and to ensure you find what you're looking for they're usually made to emit a loud sound. This is beneficial to anyone that may be hard of hearing or always in a frenzy after they realized that they have lost something for the fourth time in a day.

It's a device that you want to get if you want to make your life that much more simple, stress-free, and manageable.

It's time to start protecting your belongings today!