Finder 2.0

  • $35.00
  • $32.50
Works with Alexa & Google Assistant

Honestly Never Lost

Available as a keychain fob or credit card form factors to keep every item found.

Locate Anywhere With CrowdGPS

Every Pebblebee product is part of the CrowdGPS® network allowing every user to pitch in on helping you find your lost items.

Product Comparison Chart

Finder 2.0


Ringer 115dB 105dB 95dB
Range 500 Feet 500 Feet 200 Feet
LED Light
Rechargeable Rechargeable Rechargeable Replaceable CR2032
Product Type Item finder Wallet finder Item finder
Last Known Location
Button Press to find phone. Double press to find phone. Press to find phone.
Material Plastic with anondized aluminium ring Plastic Plastic with stainless steel ring
Amazon Alexa
Google Assistant
Crowd GPS®
Left Behind Notification
Battery Life Upto 6 mos on a single charge Upto 4 mos on a single charge 1 year

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Geof Bowie (Seattle, WA)
Great product, better support!

This is my third Pebblebee device and it outperforms the Tile and AirTags. Not only because of ease of use and a way better mobile app but also the support is amazing. I had one that came DOA out of the box and I had a replacement the next day, no muss no fuss. Thanks!

Brecky Bihary (Mount Vernon, WA)
You gotta try these!

I have had had Peeblebee’s for over what seems like 6 years. I put a new battery in it and it is good as new. My new 4 are for other items like our TV remotes and game controllers. How they get lost is beyond me! Lol! Buy a set for yourself.

Jacob Serrano (Renton, WA)

It’s been great had to use it already 😂

Ronald Gould (Chicago, IL)
Best tracker at any price

Hi, I have twelve Pebblebee's, on my dog, car keys, TV remote, in my wallet, daytimer, camera case, backpack, luggage, etc. I've tried two other similar trackers, none compare to pebblebee.

Amanda (Palmyra, NY)
Perfect Tracker Great Features

I bought this tag for my dog's collar. It is easy to setup and use, has a great battery life, and the history feature in the app is wonderful. I also like the Crowd GPS feature, just in case he goes on an adventure I'll be able to find him!