Bluetooth vs. GPS Trackers - Why Bluetooth is (Typically) Better

Bluetooth vs. GPS Trackers - Why Bluetooth is (Typically) Better

Did you know that the Bluetooth's history can be traced back to Swedish telecommunications in 1989? Johan Ulman and Nils Rydbeck were part of the creation of the Bluetooth.

Are you wanting a tracker but aren't sure whether to choose a Bluetooth or GPS tracker? In this article, we'll cover them both and why Bluetooth comes out on top. Read on to explore the answer to this and why Bluetooth will give you everything you need in a tracking device.

What Is a Tracker?

It's a device that you attach to your personal belongings and connect it to an app on your phone. It keeps track of the location of different objects and then sends the information to your phone. Most trackers belong under GPS or Bluetooth trackers.

GPS Trackers

These have been around for a while but became more available around the mid-90s. This is due to the US military satellites being used for public use.

Bluetooth Tracking Technology

Advancements lead to a Bluetooth tracker which uses less power and has a more stable connection. Now there are light trackers that you can attach to your keys or place in your pocket.

Bluetooth Tracker Pros

They require very little power. They can be small which makes it convenient to carry around, and can be as thin as a credit card.

They're also a less expensive option than GPS trackers. You can get one with a flat rate with no additional fees to pay each month.

GPS Tracker Pros

They have an unlimited range and can track objects anywhere in the world as long as there's a GPS signal. It can connect with 4 different satellites to determine the location of an object.

GPS Cons

They're expensive and require a monthly subscription fee. The cost can vary per month depending on the coverage you have.

They're larger than Bluetooths. More space is needed due to the options and technology.

Bluetooth's Short Range

While you might think that GPS having a longer range is a good thing, it's not. Bluetooth has a shorter range which gives it strength.

GPS relies on your smartphone in order to connect to a strong network. If you're in an area with less of a signal, this can be difficult.

Bluetooth doesn't require celestial infrastructure. It uses radio frequencies and localized devices.

How Does a Bluetooth Tracker Work?

Your Bluetooth tracker will have a signature that's only known to you as its owner. The app and tracker recognize each other and ensure that outsiders can't track them.

If you choose to share your tracker with another user, that's the only time it'll work for another person. Your connection will also use minimal power due to the Bluetooth's low energy setting.

Your tracker comes with an internal power source, antenna, and chip. The battery is rechargeable as well. This means you'll save money and won't have to worry about buying a new battery.


The antenna is what allows communication from the chip to the mobile devices. It's created to ensure that the tracker will reach the best connection possible with your device.


Your Bluetooth tracker has a chip inside of it that controls the tracker. This is what knows your location, makes it ring, and lets you set up different features.

Is a Bluetooth Tracker Right for Me?

If you're someone who loses items often and need to remember where they are, then a Bluetooth tracker is right for you. You can even use Bluetooth tags that make noise to help you find your lost items. It's great for finding lost laptop bags, keys, etc.

Features To Think About

What is the advertised range for the system you're considering? Ensure that you'll get at least 50-70% of the range that's shown by the advertiser.

Is the Alarm Loud?

Do you notice that the volume of the alarm is too low? While you might not think about the alarm's sound, they're important as you get closer to a missing object. If it's not loud enough you might miss it, even if you're right over it.

Is the Battery Replaceable?

Is the battery of the Bluetooth tracker you're considering replaceable? This is important since the battery in trackers only last about a year. Keep it long term by buying one with a rechargeable battery.

The Best Wallet Finder

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The Pebblebee BlackCard is also as thin as a credit card so fits into your card slots easily. You don't have to worry about it taking up much space.

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Finder 2.0

Choose our Finder 2.0 for a Bluetooth keychain option that you can bring everywhere. It's a tracker that has a 12 month battery life.

Exploring Why a Bluetooth Is Better Than a Gps Tracker

Now that you've explored why a Bluetooth tracker is a better option than a GPS tracker, you should be ready to get your brand new Bluetooth tracker today. Whether you're looking for a tracker that goes right into your wallet, or one that goes onto your keychain, we have you covered.

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