7 Reasons To Try the Bluetooth Tracker App Pebblebee

7 Reasons To Try the Bluetooth Tracker App Pebblebee

If you've lost your wallet, keys, or anything, it can slow your schedule down to a halt. With the Bluetooth tracker app Pebblebee, have no more lost items!

Did you know that lost items cost Americans $2.7 billion each year?

If you have lost your car keys you will know the feeling of frustration and despair as you search your home repeatedly. You have both the feeling of despair as you realize how late you will be for your appointment, and also the fear that this is going to cost a lot of money.

What if there was a simple way to avoid all of this pain and expense? Have you considered using a Bluetooth tracker app to pinpoint your personal items?

Whether your wallet and credit cards or your iPhone, you can use the Pebblebee app to do just this.

Why not check out some really great ways that Pebblebee can help you?

1. Never Lose Your Keys Again

What item do you lose most frequently? Almost everyone would say their keys.

This often leads to a lack of punctuality, frustration, and even dangerous driving. The time that we allowed ourselves to drive slowly to work is spent searching for keys.

The Pebblebee finder solves this problem instantly. It has a 200 ft range and can send out an audible warning that you will hear in almost any house.

If you are roaming around your house looking for your keys, Pebblebee finder will give you a visual indicator that changes color as you approach your keys.

Are you afraid that you left them in the restaurant or taxi? No worries. If you are separated from your keys for more than 10 minutes, Pebblebee will send you a notification via the app to inform you of the separation.

If you are interested in knowing how to find keys with an app, this is the easiest way. Apps for finding items do not only help you locate them, they actively train you not to lose them again.

Sometimes though you might lose something bigger than your keys.

2. Never Lose Your Car Again

Like many people, you may have parked your car and assumed you would find it again easily later. When later comes, you are tired and laden down with shopping bags. Then it hits you "where did I leave my car?".

Why not avoid this feeling by leaving a Pebblebee finder token in your car. If you find you are struggling to locate your vehicle, simply take out your cell phone and allow the application to lead you straight to it.

3. Straying Pets

You may be surprised to know that Pebblebee can even help you to locate lost pets that may have strayed from your garden.

The Pebblebee 2.0 has a thickness of just 9mm and so you can easily fit it into a collar that houses a small pocket.

If your cat or dog then decides to go for an extended walk, you can simply follow the signal until you find it.

The Pebblebee finder works using BlueTooth technology. This gives it a range of 500ft, more than enough for you to find an adventurous cat or wandering dog.

Simply follow the color-coded indications on the app that will tell you when you are getting close. You could also use the audible warning if you think it will not freak out your lost pet.

4. Keep your Kids Organized at School

School life is far more complicated than 20 years ago. While children may take a tablet to school instead of bags of books, each item they carry is crucial to their safety and education.

A Bluetooth tracker app is a great way to help them to learn organization and avoid loss of their devices.

By putting Finder 2.0 tokens in their bags and tablet cases, they will be able to find their essential school items in moments.

This not only means that they have everything they need for a successful school day but also reduces stress as they know there is a plan B should they misplace something.

5. Find Your Luggage in the Airport

Every year millions of people travel through busy airports all over the world and bring their luggage with them.

Have you ever sat in the luggage hall watching hundreds of bags pass you by? There are often so many bags on the conveyer that it is difficult to see which belongs to who.

Avoid this situation by placing finder 2.0 tokens in your bags. You will be able to use the Pebble bee finder application to track the progress of your bag when it joins the conveyer.

Save yourself time and stress by using Pebblebee to locate your bags in the airport.

6. Find Priority Items after Moving House

Moving house is a great opportunity to get a fresh start in new surroundings. However, until you unpack all the boxes and find the priority items you need to be able to function and sleep, it is often very stressful. What are your priority items?

  • Laptop computer
  • Device chargers
  • Medicine
  • Important personal documents

Whatever documents you deem as important, why not place a Pebblebee tracker in the same box? You can then use the application to find it instantly in your new house regardless of the number of boxes you have.

7. Make Sure Your Kids are Always in Sight in the Park

In COVID-19 hit 2021, giving your children the opportunity to burn their energy off in the park is a high priority.

However, while you are chatting to the other parents it can be very easy to take your eyes off your child. How can you use BlueTooth tracking tech not avoid this?

Why not put a Pebblebee 2.0 tracker token in the pocket of your child. If you do this, whether there are 2 or 200 children in the park you will easily be able to find them again.

All the Reasons You Need a Bluetooth Tracker App and Much More

Whether you have suffered the loss of an expensive personal item or just the frustration of missing keys, you know that being able to locate an item instantly can save you time.

Now you can employ the Pebblebee Bluetooth tracker app to do just that. No more lost minutes and tardiness for meetings because of lost items.

If you would like to learn more about Pebblebee and how other people are benefitting from it, why not check out our products such as BlackCard. Or you can contact us for answers to any questions.

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