How the Latest Tracking Technology Could Help Pet Owners and Rescues

How the Latest Tracking Technology Could Help Pet Owners and Rescues

Bluetooth devices alone might not locate errant animals. But technologies with stronger signals may help owners and rescuers track stray or missing pets.

Have you ever lost your pet at least once?

Don't worry about your pet running of with tracking technology in place
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In the United States, there are about 6.5 million companion animals that enter animal shelters every year. However, you can prevent your pet from being homeless with tracking technology.

In this humane society, you are responsible for taking care of your pets and keeping them safe. Tracking technology is now crucial during this age of many stolen and abandoned pets. Trackers are also helpful for determining how animals move and use their environment.

Invest in great tracking technology and plan how to use it well. This guide will explain why tracking technology is essential for animal rescue and pet owners. Here are the types, benefits, and considerations for finding the best trackers.

Types of Pet Tracking Technology

What are the latest tracking technologies available in the market? There are three types: VHF radio, GPS, and microchip tracking technology. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of each type to make it easier for you to choose which one's for you.

Cellular or GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is the newest and most popular type of tracking technology. You need a GPS receiver inside the dog collar's tag and a cellular transceiver, usually a phone. The tracker will give you updates on your pet's location through email or SMS alerts.

Unlike Bluetooth trackers, GPS tracking has geofence features with a wider range. You can place a virtual fence on your map to get alerts when your pets pass the area. The disadvantages of GPS trackers are that they can potentially fall off and are more expensive. GPS over cellular typical consume a lot of batteries, and the first versions on the market did not last a long time before it needed to be charged. Pebblebee has created a new precision GPS over LTE-M tracker that has long battery life.

Microchip Technology

Microchip trackers are a more permanent and inexpensive one-time procedure. You place an electronic chip in a glass cylinder under your pet's skin. It is resistant to all elements, from pool water to dirty mud.

However, this type of technology does not give you constant pet location updates. You can only find them if a pet rescue uses a scanner on the implanted microchip. They also come in various types and the type should match with the rescuer's scanner.

Radio Frequency Tracking

Radio Frequency (RF) tracking comes with two components: a tracking tag and a handheld device. You don't need to rely on cell towers or external networks to make them work. This type of tracking works like a two-way radio system, such as a walkie-talkie.

You can use them anywhere around the world without having to rely on external networks. The radio dog tracker depends on the direction of your pet's radio signal direction. If you point the tracker a certain way, you can follow the signal coming from their path.

Radio Frequency trackers are the best for pets who love to go into hiding. The biggest advantage of this type of tracker is its ability to penetrate building materials. It's a great tool for animal rescue to find abandoned pets in buildings or other hiding places.

How Tracking Technology Benefits You

Tracking technology is your best long-term plan to keep your pets safe. Why should you invest in such an expensive piece of technology? Here are a few benefits of having a tracking device on your pets.

Better Mapping and Real-Time Locating

With a tracking device, you can get constant updates on the whereabouts of your pets. Since most tracking technologies have long-lasting battery life, you can get updates for hours. Since the majority of people use smartphones, you can download apps that help you get updates.

The later tracking technologies can now connect to social media accounts. If you tend to stay online, the trackers will send you alerts and contact you through social media. Prevent runaway pets by monitoring your pet's movement and activity every hour or day.

Save Your Pet's Life

Plenty of pets get taken to the pounds every year, losing their lives in the process. Pets can get euthanized if they are not claimed at a certain period. Sadly, the types of shelters that do this outnumber the more humane ones.

Giving your pets tracking technology saves time to search for them when they're missing. Some animals, like cats, sometimes shy away when they get injured or sick. A tracker attached to them makes it easier to find them and tend to their medical needs.

Safer Outdoor Exploration

All pets want to go out to explore, run around, and be away from the leash. You can let your pets out of the house and let them roam around your background, neighborhood, or park. Set a certain perimeter with your tracker to get alerted if they go outside it.

Tracking technology will help you feel at ease, letting them roam without having to watch them constantly. Some pet wearables also warn your pet when they go over the geofence. It uses vibrations or tones to train your pet not to go to a certain area, improving their overall behavior.

What to Consider When Picking A Tracker

When choosing a tracking device, you need to consider the size of your pet. RF trackers work well for smaller pets since they're lighter and smaller. Cellular or GPS tracking works well for bigger and stronger pets.

In comparison, microchips work for pets of any size. You should also consider the battery life, especially if you tend to be outside most of the time. It's also best for you to consider internet access for both you and your pets.

If you live in an area with stable access to the internet, a Cellular or GPS tracker works well for you. You should also invest in a tracking device that's waterproof and feels comfortable for your pet.



Prevent Dangers With Tracking Technology

Tracking technology is your solution to keep your pets safe from harm. Explore your different options with Pebblebee for different types of trackers and Bluetooth items. Avoid losing your pets and important items, like your keys, with a tracker.

We encourage having findable items with tracking technology! Do you need to find a tracker for your pets today? Contact us now for any questions about trackers or our products.