You'll Never Have to Worry About a Lost Jacket Again With Pebblebee

You'll Never Have to Worry About a Lost Jacket Again With Pebblebee

Whether you're heading out to hit the trail or going for a night on the town, a nice jacket is the perfect accessory. According to recent data, the jacket industry in the United States is projected to reach a whopping $1.85 billion in 2024.

Dealing with a lost jacket can definitely cause some serious frustration. After all, that means you didn't just misplace your layer of warmth and a stylish piece of clothing, but you've also lost a good amount of money.

Fortunately, Pebblebee can help you find your lost jacket, so read on to find out how this handy device will keep you from worrying about losing your favorite jacket again.

Pebblebee Finder Tags

Sure, you can ask the nearby lost and found if they've recovered your lost jacket, but finder tags make the search even easier. The Pebblebee Tag is our smallest and lightest rechargeable item tracker so far.

These item trackers are made to help you find lost items like your jacket, purse, or even your sunglasses case. It's compatible with the Apple Find My app and the Pebbelebee app, which is available for Android.

Simply place this finder tag in your jacket pocket or attach it to your zipper pull to get seamless tracking whenever you need it. Each tag includes handy accessories like a magnetic USB charger, a protective silicone sleeve so you can attach it to belts, buttons, or collars, and a double-sided adhesive tab.

If you do find that you're dealing with a lost jacket, this Bluetooth tracker makes finding it easy. Simply use the appropriate app to "ping" the device, and you should have no problems finding your lost jacket in a pinch.

Pebblebee Tag in Carhartt Jacket

Lost Jacket? Try the Pebblebee Clip

The brand-new Pebblebee Clip is the second generation of this popular finder tag. It's light, small, and features double the battery life.

This handy little clip lasts up to 12 months on a full charge, making it extremely convenient to use in a variety of scenarios. A USB-C charger and keychain clip are included.

Use the keychain clip to attach the Pebblebee clip to your jacket's button hole or simply place it in an interior pocket. However you choose to use it, it's the perfect way to find lost items, including your favorite jacket.

The Pebblebee Card

You can always retrace your steps if you've lost your jacket. However, the Pebblebee Card is another great way to help you find the things you've lost quickly and easily.

This second-generation card features a sleek, attractive matte black finish with rounded edges. You can easily slip this card right into your wallet or your jacket pocket without feeling weighed down.

The ultra-thin design boasts an incredible 18-month battery life on a single charge. You'll receive the charger with your purchase so it's ready to go as soon as it arrives. This slim tracker has a bright LED light and makes loud noises, so you'll be able to locate your lost jacket in minutes.

How to Choose the Best Item Trackers

Not all item trackers are the same, so it's important to consider a few different things before you purchase one. Let's explore some of the things you should take into consideration if you need an item tracker to help you find a lost jacket.

Tech and Battery Life

Most tracker technology either uses Bluetooth, GPS, or WiFi to function. Determine which of these options is best for you and your lifestyle.

It's also important to keep battery life at top of mind. When these devices stay active for longer on a single charge, you can use them every day without having to worry about whether or not the battery dies.

Check to ensure that your Pebblebee tracker is compatible with your phone or other devices. Certain options may only work with Android or Apple instead of both. Luckily, Pebblebee products work with both, making them versatile and interchangeable.

Size and Design

The overall size and design are also important when looking for a tracker to help you find your lost jacket. Slim options like the Pebblebee Card fit nicely into your pocket as well as your wallet.

The Pebblebee Tag works great for clothing like jackets thanks to its compact size and convenient design. The Pebblebee Clip is also a great choice since it easily attaches to almost anything including your zipper or jacket buttonhole.

Ultimately, you'll want to select something compact, lightweight, and secure. Explore all of our item trackers to help you decide which one is right for you.

Pebblebee product line up
Various sizes and form factors. All rechargeable


All item trackers should be easy to use. Look for our products featuring loud, built-in speakers so you can easily hear the device no matter where you are. Products with a bright LED light make it easy to find lost items at night or any time you're in the dark.

Of course, when your item tracker connects to your smartphone, tablet, or other device, you can use it to help you locate a lost jacket. Simply open the app and ask it to find the item, and you'll be on your way to locating your beloved lost jacket in no time.


Pebblebee trackers are designed to help you find virtually anything. Whether you're hunting down a lost pet or you've misplaced your keys, these trackers help you locate lost treasures fast.

Tracker clips are great for lost keys, luggage, backpacks, and purses, and tracker tags are ideal for small electronics and larger bags. If you're worried about losing your wallet, the Pebblebee Card is the best choice. Fortunately, all of our products are small and can easily be used interchangeably based on your preferences.

Say Goodbye to Lost Items

Dealing with a lost jacket can be stressful, but using an effective item tracker makes relocating it easy. Whether you're interested in a clip, tag, or card, Pebblebee offers a myriad of helpful solutions for your busy lifestyle.

If you're ready to make life easier with item trackers, check out the Pebblebee store to discover our newest products today!