Introducing Pebblebee’s 2024 Product Launch: Elevating Tracking to New Heights!

Introducing Pebblebee’s 2024 Product Launch: Elevating Tracking to New Heights!

We are thrilled to announce the release of three groundbreaking products, marking a significant leap forward in the world of tracking technology. At Pebblebee, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions and contributing to a sustainable future. January 2024, we proudly unveil our latest innovations that redefine the tracking category.

1. Pebblebee Tag: Miniaturized Excellence in Tracking
Meet the all new Pebblebee Tag, our smallest and lightest rechargeable item tracker to date. Engineered for the finer things in life like remotes, glasses cases, and purses, this mini-sized marvel is a game-changer. Compatible with the Apple Find My app and the Pebblebee app for Android, it ensures seamless and often global tracking. With a loud sound and a bright LED, finding your belongings has never been easier. The matte black finish with rounded edges make it as stylish as it is functional. Each Pebblebee Tag comes complete with a magnetic USB charger, double sided adhesive tab, and a versatile silicon sleeve for easy attachment to belts, leashes, backpacks, or collars.

Pebblebee Tag for Apple Find My
All new! Pebblebee Tag

2. Pebblebee Clip (Gen 2): Redefined Power and Portability
Introducing the brand new Pebblebee Clip (Gen 2) – lighter, smaller, and with doubled battery life. Lasting up to 12 months per charge, it is a true testament to our commitment to longevity. The USB-C charger and included keychain clip make it a stylish and functional addition to your belongings.

Pebblebee Clip for Apple Find My
Pebblebee Clip (Gen 2)

3. Pebblebee Card (Gen 2): Sleek and Ultra-Thin Tracking
The Pebblebee Card (Gen 2) maintains its sleek matte black surface with rounded edges, perfect for slipping into your wallet unnoticed. Boasting an ultra-thin form, it redefines power efficiency with an impressive 18 months of battery life per charge. The charger is included in the box, ensuring you’re always ready to go. The bright LED and loud sound make retrieving your wallet a breeze.

Pebblebee Card for Apple Find My
Pebblebee Card (Gen 2)

Why Choose Pebblebee Trackers?
At Pebblebee, we focus on quality, user-friendly technology, and longevity while steering clear of flashy marketing ploys. Our commitment to excellence means no extra accessories are required for our products to work seamlessly right out of the box. There are no hidden subscriptions for additional features and we take the road less traveled by offering rechargeable trackers, benefiting both our users and the planet.

Choose Pebblebee for the best quality item trackers at the best price, and join us in making a positive impact on the world of tracking technology. Upgrade to a smarter, sustainable future with Pebblebee – Your Reliable Partner in Tracking Innovation!

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