Use Case: Pebblebee BlackCard Saves Date Night

Written by guest author Maureen Mannschreck 

Imagine you and your significant other come home from a lovely dinner only to find that you left your wallet at the restaurant. You panic, search around your house, call the restaurant, and maybe even drive back to the restaurant or cancel all of your credit cards. Luckily with Pebblebee BlackCard, this does not need to be a problem anymore. Not only is the BlackCard slim enough to fit in your wallet like a credit card, but it also uses Pebblebee’s CrowdGPS feature. This means that if another Pebblebee user is within Bluetooth range of your BlackCard or other Pebblebee item, you will be notified. Also, the process is completely anonymous. Pebblebee can give you the peace of mind you need so you never need to frantically search for your wallet again!