Track Your Money: Keep Track of Your Wallet With a Bluetooth Wallet Tracker

Track Your Money: Keep Track of Your Wallet With a Bluetooth Wallet Tracker

Did you know that 63% of individuals admitted to having their wallet lost or stolen in their lifetime? Whether it’s pickpocketed on vacation, or simply misplaced it around the house, a lost wallet is a recipe for stress. No one likes having to constantly cancel credit cards and replace identification like a driver’s license.

So what’s the solution? If you’re tired of losing your wallet, then look no further than a Bluetooth wallet tracker. In this article, we’ll be discussing the new piece of tech and how it can help you save time and money. Let’s get started!

What Is a Bluetooth Wallet Tracker?

A Bluetooth wallet tracker is a discreet, but practical way to keep track of credit cards, ID, and cash. Most of these products look similar to a credit card. However, they’re thin electronic devices that use Bluetooth to track your wallet’s location. All you need to do is slide it into your wallet, connect it with your phone and you're ready to go.

The device constantly records the location of whatever it’s attached to. Whenever you want to find it, you simply use the app that connects with the product. It should show you the exact location of your phone. Many also come with alarm systems to help you pinpoint the exact location.

These devices are excellent at finding both misplaced and stolen wallets thanks to their long, extended battery life. Since the tracker looks exactly like a credit card, any potential thief won’t recognize it. As such, it will lead you and the authorities right to them.

Why Do You Need a Bluetooth Wallet Tracker?

A Bluetooth wallet tracker is extremely ideal if you live in a city, or any place that’s prone to frequent pickpockets. However, anti-theft isn’t the only purpose. These devices are exceptional at quickly locating your misplaced items. Think about the last time you lost your wallet. Remember spending hours checking the same five spots?

Wasting time like this can be both stressful and useless — especially if you never find your wallet. If you experience this a lot, then know that you’re not alone.

One study found that Americans spend an average of 2.5 days every year looking for lost items. That’s wasted time that you’ll never get back. But, with a Bluetooth wallet tracker hours of searching turns into a quick check of your phone.

How Is a Bluetooth Tracker Different From a GPS Tracker?

Many people who are new to Bluetooth wallet trackers often confuse them with GPS trackers. However, there are some important distinctions between the two products. The first difference is the price. Bluetooth trackers are typically much more affordable than GPS ones.

With a GPS tracker, you can easily expect to pay $50+. GPS trackers also use a lot more power than their Bluetooth counterparts. As such, you can expect more frequent battery charges if you use a GPS model. GPS trackers are also far bulkier in size. Because of this, you can expect that attaching it to a wallet will be quite difficult.

The final difference is the connection range. In this area, GPS trackers have a clear advantage. Because Bluetooth uses such low power consumption, it doesn’t have the greatest range. Typically most products can maintain a connection at two hundred to five hundred meters.

GPS trackers on the other hand maintain a constant connection regardless of how far away the tracker gets. However, keep in mind that the location of a GPS tracker can typically be off by ten to fifteen meters. That’s because these products rely on information that’s transmitted through satellites. As such, bad weather or buildings can throw off the accuracy.

Should I Get a Bluetooth Tracker or a GPS One?

The answer depends on what you plan to use it for. Ultimately, Bluetooth trackers are much more ideal for everyday life. They’re small, unnoticeable and you don’t need to constantly worry about the battery dying. The limited range is a bit of a drawback if it gets stolen or left somewhere, but it can still be effective.

Simply drive past the areas you visited before you lost the device. As soon as you pass within the connection range it will update the location on your phone. Plus, you can’t beat the fact that many of these Bluetooth trackers fit right into your wallet. You will be hard-pressed to find any GPS tracker that can even attach to a wallet.

As such, we recommend saving them for larger objects. For example, a bag with expensive cameras or computer equipment would be better suited for a GPS tracker.

What to Look For in a Bluetooth Wallet Tracker

The two most important things when shopping for a Bluetooth wallet tracker are range and battery life. Ideally, you want a product that can reach up to five hundred meters or more. This will greatly improve the effectiveness if you ever leave your wallet behind somewhere. Long battery life is also key.

You don’t want to be constantly having to worry about charging. tracker. As such, look for one that can work for months at a time without a charge. Make sure to check out our full guide so you know exactly what to look for when shopping for a Bluetooth wallet tracker.

Interested in Bluetooth Wallet Trackers? Check Out Pebblebee

If you’re interested in a Bluetooth wallet tracker, then you may be wondering which brand is right for you. For products that combine exceptional tech at an affordable price, look no further than Pebblebee. Our BlackCard wallet finder is both the thinnest and loudest tracker on the market.

Simply slide the card into your wallet. Then, if you lose your wallet simply access your app and pinpoint the location of the card. The BlackCard has a range of five hundred meters and a battery that lasts four months.

As such, you never need to worry about misplacing your wallet again. If you want to learn more about the BlackCard, or any of our tracking products, then please contact us today.