Top 8 Gadgets for Dad This Father's Day

Top 8 Gadgets for Dad This Father's Day

With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s time you started thinking of gift ideas. You’ve crossed shirts, socks, and ties off the list as your dad already has a drawer full from past Father’s Days. You want to get him something a little more unique - what’s better than more gadgets for dad.

Your dad has always been a techie at heart which gives you something to work with. Now you just have to find the perfect gadgets for dad. We can help you with your shopping.
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1. Finder 2.0

Does your dad have a huge problem with losing track of his keys and wallet? Honestly, who doesn't? You can help your forgetful dad track down his lost things by purchasing our finder 2.0.

It slips right on his keyring. It's got an adjustable internal speaker and an LED light that makes it easy to spot. It offers voice control with both the Amazon Echo and Google Assistant.

If your dad has a smartphone, he can control his finder with an app so he always knows where his things are as long as it's within a 500 ft range. It's one of the largest ranges on the market.

For those extra clumsy dads who are always spilling drinks, the Finder 2.0 can take the punishment because it's water-resistant.

2. BlackCard

If your dad doesn't normally carry around a huge ring of keys, no worries. We have a product that can help him keep track of his wallet. It's got a thin design that allows it to easily slip anywhere.

Your dad can even use it to keep track of his remote control if he wants to. The device comes complete with "leave behind alerts" to ensure your dad doesn't walk out of the house without his wallet.

Like the Finder 2.0, the BlackCard works with both the Amazon Echo and Google Assistant. He can control it via an app and it works off a 500 ft range. Add in the fact that its splash resistant and your dad will be ready to go.

3. Amazon Echo

Both the Finder and BlackCard can be controlled via voice commands with the Amazon Echo. If your dad doesn't have one yet, you can pick one up and make it an awesome combo gift.

Your dad will be able to do more with the Echo than control his Finder or BlackCard. If you have any smart devices lying around your home, he can activate them using voice commands.

For example, if you have a smart bulb all he has to do is tell the Echo to turn on the lamp and it will follow the command. It works as a powerful speaker that he can use to jam to his favorite songs. If he likes to cook, he can ask it to look up recipes for him and create a grocery list.

It can also answer general questions and alert him when his Amazon packages arrive at the door. As you can see, it's got a feature to suit the needs of any kind of dad.

4. Universal Remote

If your father has a huge home theater set up, a universal remote will be a cool gadget for dad. They do more than just change the channel on the television.

Some universal remotes work with smart devices. Your dad will be able to dim the lights to set the mood for a movie without having to leave his recliner.

5. E-Reader

Is your dad a big bookworm? E-readers make winding down with a good book simple. All he has to do is purchase the book and it will be saved to his library to enjoy.

Depending on the model of e-reader, it will have enough memory for him to store dozens of novels. If your dad tends to read on the go often, you may want to spring for a glare-free reader so he doesn't have to fight with the sunshine.

6. Activity Tracker

For dads who want to take charge of their health, activity trackers are great gadgets for dad. It will allow him to keep track of his heart rate while he's out for a jog or at the gym.

The watch will send alerts to his phone so he can keep track of his fitness status. If he's one to wear a watch to bed, he can set it up to wake him up in the morning. This way, he never sleeps in and misses his morning workout routine.

7. Sports Headphones

A nice pair of sports headphones will go great with that activity tracker. Nobody likes working out in silence after all.

Consider picking up a pair of wireless headphones. Nothing can take you out of the zone quite like having your music suddenly ripped out of your ears when your wires get caught on the treadmill.

8. Wireless Charging Stand

Over the years of your dad charging his smartphone, the socket on the device will start to wear down. Give your dad's phone a break this Father's Day by gifting him with a wireless charger.

Not only will it save on a lot of wear and tear but they're also convenient. All he has to do is place his phone in the stand and his device will begin to charge.

Since most stands stop charging the phone once the battery is full, his device won't risk overheating either.

Shopping Around for Gadgets for Dad

Gadgets For Dad
Gadgets For Dad

It's time to ditch the tired socks and shirts Father's Day gift ideas and get dad something he can really use.

These gadgets for dad can help him locate his wallet, work on his fitness routine, power his home theater, and read on the go making them the perfect thing for your tech-savvy father.

Are you interested in grabbing your dad our Finder 2.0 or BlackCard? Visit our store to get started.