Must Have Smartphone Accessories

Must Have Smartphone Accessories


This case from Spigen is a life saver. It’s incredibly durable as well as being stylish. It’s also functional for minimalist commuters who don’t want to carry around a wallet and a phone. The compartment is large enough to hold three or four cards, but doesn’t protrude from the back of the case and cause any unnecessary bulk. The sliding cover is easy to open when you want to access your cards, but closes securely to prevent important items from falling out. Purchase a rose gold option for iPhones here or browse options for other phone models in their Amazon Store.


PopSockets have risen in popularity because they make phones easier to hold in any number of scenarios. Handy popsocket grips like this one allow users to attach their popsockets to their cars, walls, or anywhere else they want. For users with larger phones like any of the iPhone Plus models or the Google Pixel XLs, popsockets allow for a sturdier grip. Popsockets come in a range of fun colors and prints, like this rose gold option or selections from Poptivism which benefit various nonprofit organizations.


If you’re someone with a lot of smart devices, a USB charging station allows you to charge them simultaneously without using every single outlet in your home. Options like this one from Amazon help keep devices organized and appear a bit less bulky than traditional USB hubs. More affordable options like this one from Walmart don’t take up too much space but don’t offer many organizational capabilities. If you prefer to sleep near your smartphone, a two port charger like this one may be just right for you.


The Pebblebee Stone is a smart button that allows you to trigger certain functions on your phone with the touch of a button. Through integration with IFTTT, the Stone can also trigger certain smart home features. Purchase the Stone from the Pebblebee website.