The Ultimate Travel Packing List for a Long Trip Abroad

The Ultimate Travel Packing List for a Long Trip Abroad

It's a big year for travel, with 31% of Americans interested in international travel in 2023. If you've also caught the travel bug and have plans, preparation is key to ensuring you have a great time.

Having the right travel packing list will make your life easier, ensuring you don't forget anything. After all, you want to spend your vacation visiting new places and relaxing, not making a run to the store to pick up a travel adapter.

Use this guide to prepare for your departure date, and you'll have less to worry about when you board the plane.

Legal and Travel Documents

If you're planning on international travel, you must have all your paperwork and documents ready to go and easily accessible. Here's a list of papers and items you'll want in your purse or carry-on bag:

  • Driver's license or personal ID
  • Passports/Visas
  • Travel insurance card and policy
  • Local currency
  • Credit cards
  • Boarding passes
  • Travel itinerary
  • Hotel reservations
  • List of emergency contacts
  • Cash

You may need birth certificates for children under 18. Additionally, you might want copies of certain items, such as your itinerary, in case you lose it. Having your boarding passes printed as well as saved on your phone is also a good idea.

A Backpack or Travel Bag

There are tons of travel bags on the market designed to make packing quick, organized, and stress-free. Backpacks are perfect for those that like to travel light, allowing you to get up and go as soon as you land.

Whatever style or material you choose, make sure it's sturdy. Your bag is going on a long trip too, and if you check it, expect it to take a beating.

Rolling suitcases are convenient and easier than carrying heavy luggage on your back or shoulders. Remember, you'll be hauling your bag around a lot.

If you're planning a long trip, ensure you have enough room for everything you need. Be sure to leave enough space for an item tracker!

Pebblebee Clip on backpack
Pebblebee Clip - to keep track of your backpack or luggage (Photo: Zak Suhar)

A Purse or Day Bag

In addition to your main suitcase, you'll want a smaller bag for day-to-day activities. A purse, tote, or small backpack works well for this. You can store all your essentials as you explore, so mark this down on your packing list.

Some people like the lightweight option fanny packs or holster bags provide, especially for attending concerts or hiking. These bags can sit on your waist, thigh, or wrap around your body. You can store your phone, credit cards, cash, etc. Not only does this free up your arms and hands, but it's also more secure, which deters thieves.

Universal Travel Adapters

Many countries have different electrical outlets, meaning you might struggle to charge your electronics without the right adapter. Therefore, one of the most important packing tips for going abroad is to bring enough adapters.

Choose a universal model which allows you to use it anywhere. They're relatively cheap, meaning you should pick up at least one before the trip.


If you're on any medication, ensure you have enough to last you through the trip. It's also a good idea to have extra on hand in the event your flight gets canceled for any reason.

Talk to your doctor before your trip. It's always a good idea to do this anyway, as you may need to get travel vaccines. The CDC has information on different destinations, including what you need or should get before the trip.

Be sure to do this at least a month before the trip. You should also stay updated on all COVID-19 vaccination requirements. You may need to show proof of vaccination to travel, such as a card.

In addition to prescription medication, you should pack some OTC painkillers, such as aspirin or NSAIDs, antacids, Pepto-Bismol, etc. You never know what might happen while you're traveling, and you don't want to ruin your trip by feeling miserable.

Comfortable Clothes

Depending on where you're going, and the time of year you plan to travel, you'll want to have enough layers to keep you warm or clothes to keep you cool.

Remember to account for the strength of the sun's UV rays as well. You might have a trip to the Bahamas planned, but you'll need more than a swimsuit. Packing SPF-protection clothing will keep you safe from sunburns. Remember, the sun might be more intense than you initially expected!

For cooler nights, you'll want something comfortable that you can go out to dinner in or see a show. Whatever you have planned, be sure to have an appropriate outfit.

The same goes for traveling to a winter wonderland or snowy climate. If the weather is cooler, you'll want to ensure you have the right type of clothing. That's why you should always check the forecast before your trip and plan for unexpected changes, just in case.

Be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes as well.

Pebblebee Clip

Keeping your travel gear safe is a real concern when you head abroad. How do you ensure no one steals your luggage or belongings? After all, luggage theft isn't as uncommon as people might think.

Recently, an airline subcontractor stole $16,000 worth of items from checked-in bags. The thief was only caught due to an AirTag tracking device.

Tracking devices, such as our Pebblebee products, can help you find lost items or track down thieves. You can attach our Pebblebee Clip to everything from your keys to your bag. It works due to the help of devices connected to the Apple Find My™ network.

Place the small, rechargeable device on your luggage, bags, coats, etc. The Pebblebee Clip is discreet and effective, with a Bluetooth range of 500 feet.

Add These Items to Your Travel Packing List

Packing doesn't have to be stressful, even if you're planning a trip abroad. Use this guide and add the items we mentioned to your travel packing list to make it easier.

Pack a few Pebblebee products as well to ensure you keep your belongings safe. Browse our selection of item finders to protect your bag, wallet, keys, and more.