The Benefits of Using Item Trackers When You Are Traveling

The Benefits of Using Item Trackers When You Are Traveling

Did you know that airlines lose 25 million suitcases and travel bags every year?

When traveling, there are always concerns that something valuable might go missing. Maybe it’s your suitcase, your travel documents or some other valuables you are bringing with you.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, no one wants to lose precious time searching for lost items. The use of item tracking devices is the perfect, efficient solution to be able to quickly track down anything that goes missing.

Read our brief overview to understand how item trackers are useful accessories for every traveler.

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What Is a Item Tracker?

Item trackers are small devices that attach to your belongings. The devices are then paired with the smartphone of your choice. The user downloads the app required for tracking, and the item you are tracking is located within seconds. Pebblebee’s latest trackers works with the Apple Find My™ network. Find your lost item with the help of hundreds of millions of Apple devices that are part of the Apple Find My™ network.

How Do Item Trackers Work?

The trackers have a chip inside that connects the tracked item to the app. When you are locating the item, the tracker's small speaker will make a pinging sound or ringtone. It's also possible to customize the ring tone to suit your individual preferences.

Item trackers do have a limited range, unlike GPS trackers, which can track an item around the world. The use of Bluetooth trackers is great for locating items within a limited area. Next generation item trackers enables the Apple Find My network and will get position signals whenever it passes a Find My enabled product.

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Why Every Traveler Needs One (Or Many)

Dealing with a lost item is annoying and time-consuming, but dealing with it on your travels adds another level of stress. You are not on your home turf, and you don't want to spend your valuable time searching for something you need quick access to.

Losing something is always stressful, but it doesn't have to be. A item tracker is perfect for the traveler who often misplaces things. It's also great for the organized traveler who wants to prevent any unexpected complications.

A item tracker gives you peace of mind on your travels and can help you find a missing item in seconds.

Item Tracker Benefits for Travelers

Item trackers are becoming a popular accessory for travelers. Most people carry smartphones, and with a quick download of an app, you can find anything that goes missing. It's a travel must-have if you want to avoid added stress on your vacations abroad.

Find Your Luggage

Airports are prime spots for luggage to be misplaced, mishandled, or lost, and lost luggage complicates travel plans. Place a Bluetooth tracker in your suitcase, and the problem is solved. They don't take up much space and are small enough to fit in a front pocket.

If somebody makes off with your bag by mistake or you are having trouble locating your bag in a bustling airport, a Bluetooth tracker is guaranteed to save you some trouble.

Secure Your Travel Documents

Losing travel documents or your passport abroad is a major headache. This is preventable—if you attach a item tracker to them. A thin wallet finder with an extra-loud ring allows you to quickly locate your documents at the push of a button. Leave the stress of misplacing your valuable travel documentation at home!

Wallet and Keys

We spend, on average, ten minutes a day looking for something we've lost. Our wallets and our keys are some of the items that we misplace the most often. And this doesn't stop when we are on vacation. Because we are on the move, things go missing on our travels even more often than at home.

To quickly find the missing items, use a Bluetooth tracker for keys or place a thin tracker in your wallet. This prevents you from having to contact car rental agencies, hotels, or even credit card companies over lost cards or keys.

A simple wallet tracker or keychain tracker means more time enjoying your travels and less time dealing with complicated situations, lost time, and energy.

Other Uses

We often travel with additional travel items that may require tracking. This might include a briefcase, camera, golf bag, camping or hiking equipment, or workout gear. If any of these things are lost, it could result in a stressful situation.

But with a Bluetooth tracker slipped into the bag or carrying case holding the item, the trouble is preventable.

What Should I Look For in a Travel Item Tracker?

When looking for the best item trackers, you want to do your research. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • The brand has great customer reviews
  • Offers a variety of item tracker options for every need
  • Includes an easy-to-use and well-designed app
  • Easy of use
  • Compatible with iOS or Android
  • If you you use iOS you would want to make sure it is compatible with Find My

A Travel Necessity

Travel is one of the great joys of life. One of the things you can do to guarantee a stress-free trip is to plan ahead and add travel item trackers to your packing list. It's a must-have travel accessory for every traveler.

Item trackers are inexpensive, practical, and come in a variety of options that fit every travel need. At Pebblebee we make finding things a breeze. Visit our product page to check out all of the innovative item tracker solutions we offer.