9 Ways to Keep Your Travel Gear Safe When Adventuring Abroad

9 Ways to Keep Your Travel Gear Safe When Adventuring Abroad

Are you ready for the New Year to begin?

After all, as the holidays approach, it's time to start looking ahead and making plans for the coming year. For many people, this includes making travel plans that will take them to new and exciting destinations.

When you travel, it's important to keep your travel gear as safe as possible. Fortunately, this article can help. Here we take a look at essential tips for both beginners and experienced travelers so that you'll minimize the risk of losing travel luggage as your journey takes you from place to place. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Buy Luggage that's Easily Identifiable

Let's start by discussing the importance of buying luggage that you can identify quickly. After all, grabbing luggage from an overhead bin, an airport luggage carousel, or from a crowded space can be confusing when everything looks the same.

Many people tend to travel with generic lightweight backpacks and luggage which makes it difficult to differentiate one thing from another.

So the best way to eliminate this type of situation is to choose bags that you can spot quickly without the risk of your possessions getting lost among the chaos of public places.

2. Use Luggage Trackers

You can count on the fact that something will eventually get misplaced or stolen. Perhaps you accidentally leave a bag in a taxi or Uber on your way from one destination to the next.

In these cases, all is not lost if you've been wise enough to invest in some type of GPS tracking device. For example, Pebblebee clips are easy to attach to your bags, making the process of tracking lost or stolen travel luggage while traveling abroad. Plus, they are affordable enough to attach to everything of value.

The best strategy is to attach a item tracker to anything of value so that you can easily track it down on your mobile device.

3. Store Valuables In Unusual Places

Never store valuables in checked bags. This is the first place thieves will look.

The key is to make sure that your valuables are stored within reach. This includes your purse, backpack, carry-ons, or any other type of bag you can keep with you.

Keep in mind that you should never let bags containing valuables out of your sight. After all, keeping your valuables with you at all times will greatly reduce the risk of loss or theft.

4. Use Fragile Stickers On Bags

Here's a nifty little trick of the travel trade that can help keep your travel luggage safe. Placing fragile stickers on your property can help encourage baggage handlers to be a tad more gentle.

There's no guarantee that fragile stickers will have a lot of impact on the way your travel luggage is treated, but at least these types of stickers are cheap and they will possibly make baggage handlers think for a moment before carelessly tossing your luggage on the bottom of the pile.

5. Never Leave Luggage Unattended

One of the best ways to prevent lost or stolen luggage when traveling abroad is to keep everything in sight at all times.

You obviously can't keep your eyes on checked bags, but everything else should stay within reach while traveling. This includes train rides, flights, and airport layovers.

Keep in mind that you should leave your bags with your traveling companion when going to the restroom or take the bags with you.

6. Use the Right Kind of Gear for Each Trip

Another advanced traveler tip is to only bring travel gear that you need for a specific adventure. This will help reduce the amount of the stuff you're hauling around, enabling you to move quickly and reduce the potential for forgotten property.

After all, smart travelers understand the philosophy of "less is more". Because you might think that you need to pack tons of clothes and gadgets, but overpacking will simply result in heavy luggage and more unnecessary items to keep up with during your exploration of new places.

7. Use Zip Ties

Here's a habit every world traveler needs to learn: use zip ties to secure your bags.

Why? Well, because plastic zip ties are lightweight, easy to use, strong, and highly effective at deterring thieves. In other words, they make the ideal low-tech travel accessory.

The great thing about zip ties is the fact that you can bring a handful of them, stuff them in one of your bags for easy retrieval, cut the current zip tie to access your travel items, and then replace it with a new one when you're ready to move on.

8. Don't Skimp On Travel Insurance

Many travelers are tempted to save a few bucks by skipping travel insurance. And yet investing a few extra dollars to ensure your luggage in case of damage, theft, or loss.

9. Pay Attention to Your Environment

Always stay alert. This is especially important when traveling in a crowded or unfamiliar environment. Potential thieves lurk just about everywhere, so learn to identify them and avoid them.

The Essential Guide to Protecting Your Travel Gear

It's no secret that the start of each new year is a great time to set goals and make big plans for the future. For anyone determined to make sure the coming year is filled with amazing travel experiences, this guide to protecting travel gear will help take your upcoming adventures to the next level.

Please keep reading to discover the most important essentials that every traveler needs to have in their backpack.