Keeping Your Best Furry Friend Safe: 5 Reasons Why All Dog Owner's Should Have a Dog Tracker

Keeping Your Best Furry Friend Safe: 5 Reasons Why All Dog Owner's Should Have a Dog Tracker

Do you worry that your puppy is going to get lost one day? Are you looking for ways to make sure your dog can be found in case they were to ever run off? If so, then you need to invest in a dog tracker to keep them safe.

Doing so can offer you several benefits as a dog owner. Our Found LTE dog tracker has several awesome features that can help you train your dog and find its way home.

See below for an in-depth list of reasons why you need to invest in a Bluetooth dog tracker for your furry best friend.

1. Peace of Mind

Dogs are smarter than most humans give them credit for. Their brains infuse instincts with reactions to communication. In fact, many experts refer to their strong point of being socially savvy as a species-wide trait.

That said, there will always be a few moments that will make you scratch your head. As smart and advanced as Fido might be, the puppy side tends to take over at certain points.

It's what causes things like them sticking their noses in places they shouldn't, or occasionally wandering outside your backyard if the gate door is left open.

Having a dog tracker will give you total peace of mind as an owner. You'll sleep better at night, knowing that if your pup was to ever get lost, you'd have a way of finding them quickly and getting them back home.

Without any way to track them, you may not know where to start on trying to locate them. A lost animal can be extremely hard on the family.

Thankfully, you thought ahead! You can place a dog tracker on their collar to ensure that, no matter where they wander off to, you have a way of finding them.

2. Easy Method of Location

Unfortunately, too many families experience the pain and sorrow of losing a dog. By the time most of them realize their puppy is lost, an hour or two has passed by.

After that, a desperate search ensues. Without a dog tracker, they aren't sure where to start or who to turn to for help.

Time is of the essence because statistics aren't favorable to those that can't locate their dog on the same day it's lost. In fact, stats show that your odds of finding your dog are around 93-percent in the first 24-hours. After that, though, the odds drop to 60-percent.

By investing in our Found LTE dog tracker, you'll always have a safe and efficient way to locate your furry best friend. The GPS tracking features LTE-M technology.

You'll be able to both track your dog's current location, as well as see his/her location history and how they got to that area.

The software has many different tracking modes that you can customize to fit your preferences. The Found LTE has a long-lasting battery to ensure that it's ready to be used whenever an emergency occurs.

3. Safe to Explore

Most dog owners are torn. They want to let their dogs roam outside and explore the outdoors. However, they also want to make sure the dog is protected and doesn't get lost or confused if they venture too far off.

With the Found LTE dog tracker, you'll be able to give your dog more freedom. They can roam around their backyard without you having to keep a watchful eye on them. It can even show you what areas of the backyard they are hanging out in most often.

It's especially useful for those of you living on a farm. You can let Lucky run around and play without having to stake his/her leash to the ground.

Our Found LTE tracker also gives you the chance to set up a virtual fence. That way, you'll get instant notifications if your dog wanders outside the area you want them to be in.

4. Great Training Tool

Perhaps you're wanting to train your dog a bit more. Maybe you have a puppy that needs to be shown the ropes. Whatever the case might be, our Found TLE dog tracker makes for an excellent training tool.

You can teach your dog the parameters of their virtual fence by sounding the loud buzzer anytime that they cross the line.

The buzzer can also be used to help your puppy find its way home. This feature also helps you pinpoint where they are, such as when you can't see them because they're chasing a squirrel behind a bush or tree brush.

5. Comfortable Fit

You want to find an effective dog tracker, but not at the expense of your dog's comfort. If the tracker is too bulky or noticeable, your dog will try to bust out of it. This is a common problem with dog tracking collars.

Our Found LTE dog tracker fits perfectly on most dog collars. When you purchase it, you'll receive a clip that can help the dog tracker attach to the collar they're already wearing.

Most dogs won't realize you put anything on. They'll still be able to run, play, and lay around as they usually do.

Invest in Our Found LTE Dog Tracker Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on why you should be investing in a dog tracker for you and your furry friend, be sure to do so.

Need more convincing? Take the time to read this article for even more reasons why the Found LTE dog tracker is worth every penny.