10 reasons why you should get a Found LTE - Dog Tracker

10 reasons why you should get a Found LTE - Dog Tracker

What to consider when buying a tracker for your dog?

You want it to be reliable, and give your pets location when you need it. It should be sturdy and water resistant, so that it can handle playing around in all the elements. Many of the dog trackers on the market has a very limited battery capacity, and you don’t want to charge your pet tracker, or collar, every few days. Price does matter, so it should come at an affordable price point, that makes it worth the investment. When buying a premium pet tracker, the physical product is just one part of the equation, you also expect a user-friendly app with all the features you need to get peace of mind.

Allthough it’s a bit rare - it's also very handy if the tracker have sound/light indicator that buzzes or blinks when it’s activated, so that it’s even easier to find your pet when it’s lost.

So as dog lovers (and dog owners) - we have created just this:
An awesome Dog Tracker that is packed with all the features that we wanted for our own dogs.

Found LTE - Dog Tracker
Found LTE - GPS Dog Tracker

10 reasons why you should get a Found LTE - Dog Tracker:

  1. 🐶 Find you dog Anywhere! The Found LTE uses the latest available tracking technology to get precision tracking. We use GPS over LTE-M and long-range Bluetooth for close proximity.

  2. 🔋 Long lasting batteries - by combining the power efficient LTE-M band for data transfer, combined with power saving algorithms and dynamic tracking modes, you can make your Found LTE tracker last for months on a singel charge.

  3. 📍Virtual Fence - with virtual fence you get notified if you pet is leaving your predefined boundaries.

  4. ⚙️Customizable tracking modes - Chose how often your Found LTE tracker needs to track your pet. You can easily switch between the various tracking modes: Low Power Tracking - Dynamic Tracking - Emergency Tracking - Bluetooth Only. To give you an idea of the various modes - With Low Power Tracking - the app only checks in every 4-6 hours to get the location of your dog, which means it saves a lot of batteries. But as soon as you need to know «Fido’s» whereabout - you can switch to Emergency Tracking - and get instant location.

  5. 🔈Loud Buzzer and LED light - Most Dog Trackers don’t have visual and audible notification. We have a loud buzzer so that you easily can hear your pet hiding in the bushes. It’s also a really neat feature if you want to train your dog to come home when signaled. There is also a LED in the middle of the tracker, so that it illuminates in dark.

  6. 💦 Light weight and water resistant - We have put years of engineering into creating this device as small and durable as possible! It is by far one of the lightest and smallest GPS Dog Trackers on the market. This comes in very handy if you own a smaller breed. Found LTE is also IPX7 water resistant ( which means it can be submerged into 1m of water for 30 minutes..), so you don’t have to worry about pouring rain, or playing around water.

  7. 📱Free companion app - Our Pebblebee app is free to download both for iOS and Android phones. It has a very easy and user-friendly user face and it’s packed with great features!

  8. 👫 Share device - The Found LTE can easily be shared with others; you partner, your dog walker, or any one else it could be handy to share it with to make sure your pet is safe.

  9. 🗺 Tracking History - You can backtrack the trackers position with datapoint across the map in the app. A fun exercise if you want to see what your pet has been up to during the day.

  10. 🤖 Works with Alexa and Google Home - Smart technology, makes your life more convenient, and with our voice command feature you can simply ask Alexa about your pets where about without lifting a finger.

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