How To Stop Losing Your Keys Forever

How To Stop Losing Your Keys Forever

You've finally done it. You landed an interview with the job of your dreams. You got a haircut, put on your best suit, filled up the gas tank.

It's finally time to leave the house and make the best impression on your interviewer. But, as you get ready to leave, you can't find your keys!

If you're constantly losing your keys, you're not alone. Over the course of a lifetime, Americans lose approximately $5,600 over the course of their lives by losing their possessions. Car keys are often the most commonly lost items for people.

If you want to know how to stop losing keys, you've come to the right place! In this guide, we'll give you helpful tips so you'll never have to say, "I can't find house keys," again.

Stop Losing Your Keys by Keeping Them in the Same Place

It sounds obvious, but this is one of the easiest ways to stop losing your keys. When you find a place to set your keys every day, you won't have to keep searching for them. Instead, you'll know exactly where your keys ought to be.

For many people, a bowl near the front door (or other entrance you use) is an ideal place for these items. As soon as you walk in the door, toss your keys in the bowl. This way, you'll know where they go.

Over time, this will become a habit. You'll train your brain to do this instinctively without giving it extra thought.

Install a Wall Mount Key Box or Hider

One of the ways you can fix a location for your keys is by installing a wall mount key box. Once again, people usually put these by their front door or the garage door. This way, they have a place to hang their keys as soon as they walk in.

One of the advantages of these mounts is their visibility. You won't have to worry about your keys getting buried underneath several other items. However, you may want to place your keys outside to prevent yourself from becoming locked out.

If that's the case, you can also purchase a key hider. These helpful resources give you a place to slide your house keys each day.

Keep Your House Organized

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes you get busy, you don't have time to clean your house, and the place becomes cluttered. There's no shame in that! Life happens, even when it's inconvenient.

The problem comes when you need to keep track of items. When the house is in disarray, it's much easier to lose small items like car keys. So, how do you solve the problem?

The answer is to keep your house as free of clutter as possible. Clearing the clutter doesn't mean you have to do a deep clean of the house, complete with floor waxing. Instead, try to make sure everything stays in its place.

When you do this, you can prevent your keys from getting lost in the chaos. Even if you can't clean your entire home, you can allow some essential organization.

Use Bright Colors to Your Advantage

Many people think of colors as simply a decorative feature. However, colors have much greater effects on people than they often realize. In fact, our ability to see color goes back to early human survival needs.

In long-forgotten times, human ancestors saw a mostly shadowy world of black and white. What prompted the change? The answer came through hunting for fruit.

Humans and other primates learned to see color to identify fruit. Think about some of the colors we see most clearly, like red. It's not a coincidence that many of the brightest berries have a red hue.

Why does this matter when it comes to your keys? If you use brightly colored keys, you're more likely to spot them in the house. Due to your brain's hardwiring, it will naturally locate brighter-colored objects.

Most keys come in bronze or gray colors, so add some accessories to your key ring. Try using key chains or bright lanyards that make the keys easier to spot. You may also consider getting a keychain clip that you can attach to your belt or purse.

Bluetooth Trackers

In recent years, companies have developed other solutions for finding your keys. Since most phones now have a Bluetooth connection, you can use a Bluetooth tracker for car keys.

You're probably thinking, "Those have to be expensive." It turns out these solutions are affordable for most incomes. Moreover, they're user-friendly devices that operate in intuitive ways.

Several versions of these products exist. For example, Pebblebee's Found 2.0 is a Bluetooth keychain option that you can attach to your keys. You can recharge these items, with one charge lasting for up to six months.


Even better, these items are small and easy to carry. Another option from Pebblebee is the BlackCard. This tracker can help you locate many other devices besides your car keys.

For example, do you ever wonder how to stop losing your wallet? Next to car keys, these items are often the most likely for people to lose. When you purchase a BlackCard, you can place it in your wallet and use your phone to locate it.

Whether you choose a BlackCard, Found 2.0, or other Bluetooth tracker, there's another benefit. You can purchase multiples of them and attach them to any items you often lose.

Find Your Solutions Today

If losing your keys is a weekly occurrence, adopt some of these tricks to solve the problem. With discipline, you can master putting them in the same place each day. Alternatively, you can buy accessories that help you locate them.

We at Pebblebee offer several solutions for finding your missing keys. Some of these are regular accessories, while others utilize the best Bluetooth technology. Whatever your preference, find it on our store today!