How to Choose the Right Dog GPS Tracker for You

How to Choose the Right Dog GPS Tracker for You

One-third of all pets in the United States will become lost at some point in their lives. That’s around 10 million cats and dogs that are either stolen or go missing every single year! Tragically, around 64% of animals that end up in shelters are euthanized.

We often refer to dogs as being man’s best friend. But many of us know that at the end of the day, our dogs are members of our family. We want more than anything to keep them safe and happy.

Using a dog GPS tracker is a great way to keep track of your dog’s location. If they go missing or are stolen, you can pinpoint their location. But with so many trackers available on the market, which one do you go for?

Which is the right GPS tracker for you?

To discover the ins and outs of a good dog GPS tracker, keep on reading!

Dynamic Tracking

As any dog owner knows, our canine companions can cover a lot of ground quickly! One glance at a cat, squirrel, or bird, and they’re off like a bullet from a gun. It can be easy to find a dog when you see which direction they went in, but what about when you have no idea where they’ve gone?

A Bluetooth wallet tracker or Bluetooth key tracker works well because these items can only go so far. Unlike your dog, they can’t run into the woods or chase rabbits across a park. And so, you need something a little more complex than a Bluetooth tracker to find Lassie or Hooch.

A dog GPS tracker needs dynamic tracking – a technology that allows you to track your dog’s position and then receive guidance until you reach the exact location. This type of tracking makes a Bluetooth tracker look like a stone age tool! The latest innovation for power efficient GPS tracking is by using LTE-M which is specifically tailored for IoT devices.

There’s also a benefit to having access to your dog’s location history so you can see where your dog has been and for how long. This is particularly important in cases of stolen pets.

Battery Power

The last thing you want is for your dog GPS tracker to run out of battery before you’ve found them. Sadly, this is a common reality for some people.

When picking the tracker that is right for you, the battery must be both long-lasting and rechargeable. A battery that isn’t rechargeable will cost more money and will be prone to damage as the individual batteries can be knocked out of place by your dog’s movements.

Pebblebee Found LTE - GPS Dog tracker
Pebblebee Found LTE - GPS Dog tracker


How many dogs do you know that don’t enjoy water? Some aren’t great swimmers but that doesn’t mean they won’t roll in puddles or mud or prance around in the rain. Even on dry days, dogs will manage to find the only source of water.

As such, you need a waterproof dog tracker!

Dogs rarely dive below the surface of the water, so a product with an IPX7 ranking will be able to survive being 1 meter (3 feet) under the water for around 30 minutes. Any dog tracker that isn’t waterproof will likely be broken in the first 20 minutes of use.

Customizable Settings

A Bluetooth GPS tracker can be great for inanimate objects, such as keys or a wallet, but wouldn’t it be great if you received a notification to your phone whenever your dog went outside a specific area?

As technology develops, especially through smartphones, imagination becomes our only limitation. Although there are a variety of dog GPS trackers available, you want one that allows you to set up “virtual fencing”.

Anytime your dog wanders outside the virtual fence, it will be detected by the collar, and you’ll receive a notification on your phone, as well as a GPS location. You can check what your dog is up to and whether you need to chase them down the street.

Train Your Dog to Come Home

The only thing that could make a dog GPS tracker any better, would be if it could guide your dog home. Imagine if you could press a button to tell your dog that it has wandered too far and needs to come back.

As it happens, there are dog collars that can do exactly that! A buzzer built into the device can be activated to create a noise that you can train your dog to associate with returning home. Granted, it takes time and patience to reach this stage, but if your dog is prone to wandering off, this might be the perfect solution.

Found LTE Dog GPS Tracker

A Bluetooth tracking device may seem like a powerful enough option to stop your dog from vanishing. But if you fancy an upgrade, then the Found LTE may be the device for you. It has all the incredible features we’ve already discussed, as well as many others.

This premium dog tracker can provide you with the peace of mind that every dog owner is searching for!

Pebblebee Found LTE - GPS Dog tracker
Found LTE

Ready to Track Your Dog?

Keeping track of your dog can seem like a complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be! With the right dog GPS tracker, you can see where your dog is at any time and be notified if they wander too far from home.

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