How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Tracker for You

How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Tracker for You

Did you know that on average, people spend 10 minutes a day looking for their lost items? It might not sound like much, but that's around 150 days during your lifespan! Not only is looking for lost items a waste of time, but it can also put a lot of unnecessary stress on you.

An excellent way to solve this problem is to get yourself a Bluetooth tracker, which you can attach to the things you lose most (such as your keys and wallet).

But with so many on the market, how can you choose the best Bluetooth tracker? Keep reading to find out the qualities and features you should look for when you're buying a Bluetooth tracking device.

Good Range

What's the use of a Bluetooth tracker if you have to get super-close to your item to find it? You might as well just go search for it yourself!

A good Bluetooth tracker will have a generous range, such as up to 200 feet from your mobile device. This will allow you to pinpoint your lost items without having to go around in literal circles, trying to pick up on them.

Pebblebee Finder 2.0 bluetooth tracker
Finder 2.0

LED Lighting

In addition to a good range, you should also pick a Bluetooth tracker that has LED lighting on it. You might be searching for your lost item in the dark, so a flashing LED light on it would be a tremendous help.

Even if you're looking in the daytime, these LED lights can help draw your attention. Otherwise, you might spend a little bit of time pinpointing where your belongings are.

Leave-Behind Alerts

Have you ever wished that you would've just picked up your keys before you left your friend's house? It would've saved you from backtracking for hours later on!

Well, good Bluetooth trackers will also have leave-behind alerts! So long as you've paired your item with the app, the app will then alert you if you get out of range. You won't have to worry about accidentally leaving behind your belongings when you've got these handy alerts!

Easy to Use App

Most Bluetooth trackers are paired with smartphone apps. This allows you to not only track your items easily, but to also take advantage of other features.

For example, you might be able to see a history of where your belongings have been, and when, which includes the last known location. This can help you retrace steps better and find your missing things much quicker.

However, just because there are lots of features in an app doesn't necessarily mean it has to be complicated to use. A good Bluetooth tracker company will have developed an app that's intuitive. It'll be easy to find what you need, fast.

GPS Leverage

Considering the Bluetooth tracking company has a bunch of users on their apps, they should leverage this power.

For example, we at Pebblebee have something called CrowdGPS. If you've lost something, other Pebblebee users can pitch in with their own networks.

Basically, you'll enjoy a largely enhanced search circle by leveraging the GPS systems on other people's phones! If your item is within their range, you'll be alerted so you can go pick it up.

Voice Control

Sometimes, your hands are too full to fiddle around with your phone or other devices. Or maybe you're just feeling lazy. Either way, having voice control on your Bluetooth tracker can be amazing!

The best Bluetooth tracker will pair with smart speakers like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can then just speak to your smart devices to operate the tracker instead of having to fumble with your phone.

Good Battery Life

What good is a Bluetooth tracker if it frequently runs out of batteries? Chances are, it'll be dead at the moments you need it the most!

In general, you'll want to get a Bluetooth tracker where you only have to charge it 2 or 3 times a year. Yes, that's right; you'll only need to charge them every 4 to 6 months! In fact, there are some trackers where the battery life lasts up to 1 year!

When you don't have to worry about constantly charging your tracker, this can be a huge burden off of your shoulders.

Risk-Free Trials

A product might seem good on paper, but you never know if it's the right one for you unless you try it out. But unfortunately, for many products, as soon as you unwrap it and use it, you can't return it.

Any company worth their salt will back their products. So look for a Bluetooth GPS tracker that comes with something like a 30-day risk-free trial. This will allow you to explore the tracker without worry that you won't get your money back if it doesn't suit your needs.


On that note, always make sure you choose a tracker that has a warranty. If it doesn't have one, it can be an indication that the Bluetooth tracker might fall apart easily and within a short period of time.

Having a warranty gives you peace of mind. It means that the brand is confident in what they put out. And if you ever run into problems, the warranty will cover the cost for repairs or even replacements.

Get the Best Bluetooth Tracker

Now that you know what the best Bluetooth tracker should be like, it should be clear that Pebblebee is the brand you need to go with.

Our Bluetooth trackers are of the highest quality, have great range, and come with many features, such as pairing with apps, smart home systems, and our CrowdGPS system. With a Pebblebee Bluetooth tracker, you're sure to find your lost items quickly!

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