Do Wallet Trackers Really Work? (Yes!)

Do Wallet Trackers Really Work? (Yes!)

Did you know that 33% of Americans experienced identity theft in 2019, which is twice the global average? And losing your wallet is one of the most common and easy ways people can steal your identity.

Are you prone to losing your wallet? Is there something you wish you could do to prevent this constant loss of credit cards and other important identification cards?

This is where wallet trackers come in. With a wallet Bluetooth tracker in your wallet, you can ensure that you always keep track of where your wallet is, and not lose any time in the mornings looking for it. Read on to see how they work and why they are the exact boon you are searching for.

Pebblebee BlackCard wallet tracker

Stop Wasting Time Searching for Your Misplaced Wallet

The problem with wallets is that they have this tendency to slip into the crevices of your armchair or couch, or hide in the oddest of places, especially when you are in a rush and need to go to an important meeting. Have you noticed this particular tendency of your wallet?

Well, one major way a wallet tracker can improve your life is by reducing the amount of time you spend rushing around in a panic looking for your misplaced wallet. If you are sure that your wallet is in your home, but somewhere not visible to your searching eye, a Bluetooth tracker in your wallet can alert you to your wallet's exact location.

This way you can spend more time living your life, rather than wasting your free time searching for important things like wallets (Bluetooth trackers are also available for phones, keys, and other important things like that as well).

How to Track Your Wallet Using a Bluetooth Tracker?

How does a Bluetooth wallet tracker work? What happens with these Bluetooth trackers is that usually, you will place a little card or a stick-on tracker onto your wallet. This tracker operates through a radio signal that's connected to the transmitter.

This transmitter can activate the tracker, which will sound an alert, allowing you to locate your wallet quickly.

A lot of Bluetooth trackers on the market are connected to your phone through an app. This means you can go to the app and see exactly where your wallet is, in relation to your location.

When you think that you've lost your wallet, all you need to do is go to the app and alert the tracker that you are missing your wallet. Instantly, your tracker will start buzzing or making an alarm noise to alert you to your wallet's location.

If the tracker is out-of-range, you can also use the last known position to get close enough to your misplaced wallet to find it.

Also, if you are in a club or a dark area, some trackers have LED lights on them that will stand out in a dark room.

Another great feature of wallet trackers is that they have an out-of-range alert, which means that they will notify you if your phone moves out of range of the tracker. This way you will never leave home without your wallet again. How convenient is that!

The final thing to mention is that some wallet tracker apps can help you find your wallet by connecting you to everyone else in the area that is connected to the app. This is especially useful if you lose your wallet at a concert or a baseball game, and your Bluetooth trackers range doesn't go far. Peer-to-peer collaboration in finding your wallet - that's next level indeed!

What Kind of Wallet Trackers Can You Buy?

There are many kinds of wallet trackers on the market with various features and specifications. Some things you need to think about when purchasing a Bluetooth wallet tracker is as follows:

  1. Think about the slimness of the tracker as you don't want it taking up too much space in your minimalist wallet
  2. Think about battery life and rechargeability - you don't want to lose your wallet and never find it again even with a tracker because it's out of battery
  3. Think about range - some wallet trackers have a longer range and others are meant for small apartments or homes (think about where you usually end up misplacing your wallet)
  4. Think about waterproof capacity - do you do a lot of water sports or do you tend to drop your wallet in lakes or rivers, then your tracker best be waterproof

Always consider your lifestyle, the way you use your wallet, and where you normally misplace your wallet to purchase the best wallet tracker for you.

On average, wallet trackers will last 3 years before needing to be replaced, which is a pretty good investment in time and effort, as you will always be able to keep track of where your wallet is.

The BlackCard Wallet Finder

There are many wallet trackers on the market, but one that you need to consider when wanting a Bluetooth tracker is the BlackCard Wallet Finder. It's the world's slimmest and loudest wallet tracker at a price tag of only $29.

It has a rechargeable battery, which means you don't have to replace the battery every few months, and it is sleek enough to fit on your remote control. It also comes with access to the CrowdGPS community which means you can find your wallet even if you are far away from home using peer-to-peer collaboration.

Finally, it has leave-behind alerts, which will let you know if you are about to walk out of your home without your wallet. Never do that again!

Do Bluetooth Trackers Work? - They Do Indeed

If you are sick and tired of losing or misplacing your wallet all the time, then think about buying a wallet tracker for yourself. With wallet trackers in place, you will always know exactly where your wallet is and you will never run out of your home without some cash on hand.

Check out Pebble's collection of all kinds of trackers, from dog trackers to wallet finders, to more. Never lose anything again!