5 Great Reasons To Get a Wallet Tracker

5 Great Reasons To Get a Wallet Tracker

Are you the type of person that's constantly misplacing your wallet? Do you fear that one day, your wallet is going to be taken without you noticing? If so, then you need to invest in a wallet tracker for your daily life.

Doing so can help you get the peace of mind that you desperately seek. Instead of clutching on to your wallet for dear life at every event you attend, you'll be able to relax knowing there's a wallet tracker inside.

See below for an in-depth guide on why you need to invest in a wallet tracker and similar items to it moving forward.

1. Install Good Habits

The moment that you misplace your wallet, all hell breaks loose. If you lose it in a public place, then it begins a frantic search to find it before someone else does. You'll take time away from your event to retrace your steps.

You might wonder why does this keeps happening to me? The harsh truth is that you're only doing it to yourself. If you were to install better habits of keeping your items in one place, there wouldn't be a need for a frantic search at all.

We recommend that you install better organizational habits with the "big three": your phone, keys, and wallet.

Practice putting them in the same place for each setting. When you're at home, place them each on your nightstand. That way, they're near you even when you fall asleep at night.

Place them in the same pockets each time you go out. For example, phone in the front left pocket, keys in the front right pocket, and wallet in the back right pocket (assuming you're wearing pants/shorts with a back pocket).

The process of changing your habits isn't as complicated as some make it out to be. If you take the time and effort, these habits will ensure your wallet doesn't get lost.

2. Gives You Peace of Mind

However, even when you improve your habits, there's always the freak accident that could lead to you losing your wallet.

This is often something unforeseen, such as the wallet slipping out of your shorts when you sit down at a table. It's also common for the wallet to slip between your front seat and the center console.

When that happens, the frantic search begins. Many people are just waiting for that to happen to themselves. Their wallet will fall out while they're preoccupied with something else, then they'll walk away from it entirely.

Instead, give yourself more peace of mind through reinforcements. Invest in our BlackCard wallet tracker for immediate relief.

Pebblebee BlackCard Wallet Tracker

It's only $29 and offers up to a 500-foot range for your mobile device. The battery can last 4 months without being recharged, and it's splash-resistant.

Better yet, the wallet tracker is so thin and light, it won't make your wallet any heavier.

Once you have a wallet tracker in your wallet, you'll be able to focus on the business meeting or group hang-out session without worrying.

3. Variety of Uses

Being able to track your wallet is fantastic, but we all know that there are a variety of other items that we tend to lose frequently.

This could be devices such as:

  • Keys
  • Remotes
  • Tablets
  • Phones & more

How great would it be to have a device that can help you find those within a few seconds, rather than removing every cushion from the couch by hand?

Even though our BlackCard is technically a wallet tracker, it can be used to help you track several other devices.

For example, let's say you go to turn the TV on and realize you've misplaced the remote. Usually, this would start a 10-minute search with your relatives and friends helping you search every corner of the living room.

Thanks to the BlackCard, you can track it with your phone. Within seconds, you'll know exactly where it is without having to start an all-out search party.

4. Compatability

Imagine the horror of investing in a digital wallet tracker, placing it in your wallet, then going to use it for the first time once you've misplaced said wallet and finding out the tracker isn't compatible with your phone.

Forget the refund, your wallet is now out there in the world with no way to have the tracker help you. This lowers the possibility of you finding it at all.

The BlackCard is compatible with iOS 9.3 and later, as well as Android 5.0 and later, ensuring that the wallet tracker is ready to be implemented into any phone.

5. Ease of Use

A wallet tracker won't do you much good if it's complicated to use. By the time you launch the software and start tracking it, someone might be on the run with it.

The BlackCard is easy to use. Simply slip it into your wallet or whichever device you're wanting to track. Then, sync it with your mobile phone to ensure it's ready to be used at any time.

After that day, all you have to do is worry about keeping it charged. However, even that isn't much of a concern, thanks to its 4-month battery life!

Invest in a Wallet Tracker for Your Wallet Today

Now that you have seen several key benefits of investing in our BlackCard wallet tracker, be sure to use this information to your advantage.

Be sure to read this article for more information on the history and future of tracking technology and how it affects you moving forward.

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out to us via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further.