13 Genius Uses for an Electronic Key Finder You Need to Try

13 Genius Uses for an Electronic Key Finder You Need to Try

Did you know the average person spends 2.5 days a year looking for lost stuff? Not only that, but we spend about $50 each year replacing stuff we can’t find. Enter the incredible invention of an electronic key finder.

The invention of the electronic key finder has been a godsend for many of us, but did you know you can use a GPS tile for more than just your keys? Here's a quick rundown of the different types of tracking tags and 13 genius uses you might not have thought of!

What is an Electronic Key Finder?

First things first – in case you’re not aware, an electronic tracker is a small device that you can attach to your valuables. They were originally used by attaching them to your keychain to help you find your keys after you had misplaced them.

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Always Find Your Wallet

These devices usually use GPS location tracking and communicate with your phone. They often also have an alarm on them, which you can set off using your phone. This way, if they’re stuck behind the couch cushions or some other strange place, you can easily track them down.

The devices are so effective that companies have begun making new versions that are more powerful and that you can use to track different types of objects. Many have longer ranges, so whether you’ve forgotten your stuff in a drawer or left it in an Uber, you can quickly and easily find it.

So, what types of things (besides your keys) can you find with a key fob finder? Let’s take a look!

1. The Remote Control

How many times have you found yourself digging through the couch cushions looking for the remote control? Simply stick a tracking device to the bottom and you won’t ever have this problem again!

2. Your Wallet

New, super-thin tracking devices, like the PebbleBee BlackCard, resemble a credit card. You can slip this into your wallet, and, next time you can’t find it, just push a button on your phone to track it down!

3. Your Purse

You can use something like the BlackCard in your purse by slipping it in the zippered pocket. Or, you can use a device with a clip to attach it to the outside (we recommend the first option for maximum security!)

4. Your Luggage

No more worrying about your luggage getting lost or stolen when you travel. Attach a tracker securely on the inside and you’ll be able to trace where it was last located. If a situation arises where the airline says they’re not sure what happened, you can use your device to provide them with critical information that may lead to the return of your bag.

5. Your Pets

Most of us can’t bear the thought of losing one of our beloved pets. Clip a tracking device on their collars and you’ll be able to see exactly where they are. This could mean the difference between getting Fido home right away or spending agonizing days searching.

6. Your Kids

Is your child going on a field trip or are you taking him or her to a crowded place? You can now get wearable tracking devices that resemble a fitness tracker. Place one on your child’s wrist before you head out and you’ll have an extra layer of protection if the unthinkable were to happen.

7. Backpacks

Is your child constantly coming home without his backpack? Add a tracking device to the zipper! Not only will this help you find it if it gets lost, but many devices also have a “leave-behind” alarm that will alert you if you get too far away from it.

8. Toys

No more stressful days searching for your child’s favorite toys. Stick a tracking device to it using adhesive, a clip, or creatively fasten one to a beloved stuffed animal. Once you start using this trick, you’ll wish you had thought of it sooner!

9. Jackets

This is another thing that kids (and sometimes adults!) notoriously leave behind. It’s easy to clip a small tracker to the zipper pull or place a BlackCard in the pocket. This trick could end up saving your family a ton of money, especially as the weather starts to warm up and we’re more likely to take off our jackets and leave them behind.

10. Shoes

Taking off your expensive sneakers after gym class and not being able to find them when you get home is another nightmare we would all rather avoid. Use the hole in your tracking device to attach it to your shoelaces.

This is another creative way to keep track of your kids when they’re out and about.

11. Tools

Does your neighbor or friend want to borrow your favorite drill… again? Make sure it doesn’t disappear forever by sticking a discrete tracking device to the bottom before you hand it over.

This way, next time you need it and realize it’s missing from your garage, you can easily ask for it back with the electronic key finder.

12. Electronics

While many of the newer iPads and other electronics have built-in GPS trackers, some still don’t, You can stick an inexpensive tracker to things like Kindles and other electronic items and save yourself from spending a fortune replacing them.

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This is particularly effective for children’s devices, which are more likely to be misplaced or left behind.

13. Umbrellas

How many times have you left the house with an umbrella, only to find that you’ve left it somewhere when you get home for the day? Solve this problem with… you guessed it – a tracker!

Once you start using your imagination, the possibilities are literally endless. Since these tracking devices are now so inexpensive, it’s a great idea to buy a bunch and say goodbye to needlessly searching for things every day!

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