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We've got promotional item trackers ready for your employees & customers

Give your clients, employees, and partners a gift that helps them keep track of what matters most.

Pebblebee offers high quality, rechargeable trackers that work with both Android and the Apple Find My network on iOS. Rest easy knowing they work for everyone.

Choose from our ready-to-ship options below or ask about engraving or custom orders by filling out the form below. One of our team members will reach out shortly.

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"Outdoes Apple's AirTag with rechargeable battery, LEDs, and choice."

Pebblebee Clip

What can Pebblebee Clip keep track of for you?

You’ve got stuff. Lots of it. Unfortunately some of it seems to have a mind of its own. Pebblebee Clip puts you back in control. It’s one of our most versatile trackers because it works on practically anything. Plus, it’s ready to use right out of the box. Just clip it on and stay connected.

Rechargeable battery
IPX6 Water resistant
Loud melody
Track location
Left Behind® alert
Up to 500ft Bluetooth range

Car keys
Never have that panicked “where the heck are my keys” feeling again.

Children’s school bags
Every parent could use one less thing to keep track of, because let's face it: kids are always going to lose whatever they touch.

Water bottle
Going to the gym and scrambling for hydration? Never again.

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Pebblebee Card

What can Pebblebee Card keep track of for you?

Sleek and simple. That’s the Pebblebee Card. It’s designed to fit in slim spaces, so think wallets, pockets, compartments, or anywhere you can fit a credit card. It’s made from incredibly durable industrial plastic, so it’ll stand up to whatever your day throws at it. When you want to find it, simply send a signal from your phone and the card emits a melody that’s louder than you’d think is possible from such a slim device.

Rechargeable battery
IPX6 Water resistant
Loud melody
Track location
Left Behind® alert
Up to 500ft Bluetooth range

Cash. Credit card. ID. These are things nobody can afford to lose track of. Now, nobody has to.

Losing the one thing that holds everything is simply not an option. Pebblebee Card makes sure it doesn’t happen.

Children’s Jackets
Where’d they leave it this time? Stash a Pebblebee Card in a pocket and know instantly. Getting out the door in the morning just got that much easier.

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Pebblebee Found

What can Pebblebee Found keep track of for you?

Some things are so important you need to know where they’re at, wherever that may be. Pebblebee Found gives you that ability with a built-in GPS that uses LTE connectivity to share its location from anywhere. You can even set up a virtual fence and get alerts if the tracker leaves a certain area. This is the ultimate tracker for anything you need to track no matter where it goes.

Rechargeable battery
Customizable tracking modes
IPX7 Water resistant
LTE-M GPS Tracking
Virtual fence
Loud buzzer
Up to 500ft Bluetooth range

Pets are like family members who don’t speak our language, and nothing feels worse than when they go missing. Now, even if they’re hiding out of sight, it’s easy to know exactly where they are.

Will loved ones be home soon? Where was that parking spot? Cars are amongst the most expensive purchases most people make, which makes knowing where they are very important.

Schoolwork. Work work. Computers, tablets and more. All of these things share one thing in common: they’re in a backpack. With Pebblebee Found, wherever those backpacks go, owners stay in the know.

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