Valentine’s Gifts You’ll Both Love

Valentine’s Gifts You’ll Both Love


The Pebblebee Finder is perfect for people who constantly misplace their things. Maybe your significant other is always ten minutes late because they couldn’t find their keys or they forgot where they put their phone. A two pack of Finders will provide one for them to attach to something they’re constantly losing along with one for you (or a backup for them 😉). The Finder will not only help them manage their things, but will save you from wasting time waiting for them. A two pack can be purchased on Amazon or in Costco stores.


A fondue pot is perfect for those evenings that you want to indulge, but don’t want to pay $100+ to do so. Affordable options from Target or Home Depot allow you to enjoy restaurant quality fondue from the comfort of your couch.


Professional massages are a great option when you need to relax and recover from a difficult week at work. Most of the time, a couple’s massage is less expensive than two individual massages. In addition to saving money, a couple’s massage may also facilitate feelings of connection and intimacy due to the release of oxytocin and dopamine.


If you live with your significant other, a Keurig will surely benefit both of you. Just pop one of the K-Cups into the machine and you’ll have a hot, caffeinated beverage within a minute. Keurigs save time and offer a variety of flavors, including seasonal Pumpkin Spice or Peppermint Mocha. Purchase a Keurig from Best Buy, Walmart, or numerous other retailers.