Update on Pebblebee for Android Trackers and Google's Find My Device Launch

Update on Pebblebee for Android Trackers and Google's Find My Launch

We share your excitement about the upcoming Pebblebee for Android trackers, designed to seamlessly integrate with Google’s Find My Device app. We want to provide you with  insights into the delayed launch and answer any questions you may have.

Google’s Find My Device Launch Postponed:  In mid-2023, Google decided to postpone the launch of the Google Find My Device app, prioritizing the integration of crucial unwanted tracking features across the Android ecosystem. This delay is driven by a collaborative effort with Apple to ensure a joint unwanted tracker alert specification is finalized for user safety.
Read Google’s official statement on safety features here.

Shipping Updates:  We’re eager to deliver your trackers as soon as Google's Find My Device update is released and available.  While we don’t have a confirmed shipping date, rest assured that we’ll keep you informed as soon as we receive more information.

Your Options:  Understanding the significant delay, we are committed to making things right for you. Reach out to support@pebblebee.com for assistance with updating your order, shipping address, or a refund if you prefer.

Using Pebblebee on Android:  Currently, we cannot ship "Pebblebee for Android trackers" without ensuring they meet the new security requirements. However, our Pebblebee iOS products—Clip, Card, and Tag for iOS—can still be used on Android via the Pebblebee app. Though not compatible with Google’s Find My Device, you can still track belongings, access features like History Location, Find Phone, and Left Behind alerts.

For any queries about app compatibility or your pre-order status, contact us here.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work towards delivering the best Pebblebee experience on Android.

Best regards,
Daniel Daoura, CEO