Underrated Ways to Use Your Finder 2.0

Underrated Ways to Use Your Finder 2.0

The recent launch of our Finder 2.0 provides more ways than ever to keep track of your belongings. With a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 6 months on a single charge, the Finder 2.0 is prepared for almost any situation. Here are some of the things the Finder 2.0 can help you keep track of (besides your keys). 


We know that pets have a tendency to wander off. That's one of the reasons the Finder 2.0's 500 foot range makes it the perfect collar accessory for your furry friend. It also offers adjustable volume, perfect for using at the park or at home. It's easy to attach to your pet's collar and much more durable than the previous version. Check out our friend, Drew the Labradoodle, wearing his Finder 2.0. If you're looking for a realtime tracking device, make sure to check out the upcoming Pebblebee Found

Lunch Boxes & Backpacks

This is a sure way to save time in the mornings. Attach a Finder 2.0 to a backpack or lunch box and press 'FIND' in the app to trigger its alarm when you need to locate it. It's also water resistant, meaning it won't be damaged from rain or spilled drinks. 

Cameras & Equipment

You want a device that's prepared for adventure. The Finder 2.0 is durable and water resistant, but it also offers a larger key ring opening to accommodate bulkier attachments.  Despite its larger size, it remains lightweight and won't get in the way.