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The Best Accessory for Athletes

The Best Accessory for Athletes

Written by guest author Aliah Kim

In the world of sports, teams tend to travel to various locations all across the country. As a parent, player, or coach there is a lot of equipment and gear that you have to bring with you wherever you go. Having to keep track of all this can be tedious work, unless you have a Pebblebee Honey. As a volleyball coach, the honey has helped me keep track of all my things when I’m on the road.


You can attach a Pebblebee Honey to a player or coaches back pack. The Honey is water resistant which means it can endure getting spills while on the go. I have the honey on my gym bag. When I’m in a rush or running late, I can locate my bag quickly. Its replaceable battery means I’ll be able to use it over and over again.

Sports Gear

A Honey can be placed on the luggage of any kind of sports gear. The Honey can be placed on a ball bag, a gym bag, or on any kind of gear. I use the honey on a ball bag when I coach sports. The Honey’s loud buzzer means the bag is easy to track when I have to travel. I can find my ball bag in any kind of gym or arena.

Water Bottles

I know for most players and parents, it’s easy to lose a water bottle when you’re on the go. That is why the honey is perfect for any kind of bottle. Because it is also water resistant, you don’t have to worry about getting it wet. You won’t ever lose your water bottle at the gym, on the road, or even at home.

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Ringer 80 db 95 db 105 db
Range 150 Feet 200 Feet 150 Feet 500 Feet
LED Light
Rechargeable 3 Mos On a Single Charge
Replaceable Battery CR2430 CR2032 CR2032
Product Type Item Tracker Item Tracker And Smart Button Shortcut Button With Sensors Ultra Slim Item Tracker
Price $25.00 $29.99 $30.00 $34.99
Button Press to find phone. Press to find phone. Press to find phone, selfie, IFTTT integration for smart home functionality (Trigger house lights, open/close garage, etc). Double Press To Find Phone.
Last Known Location
Durability Plastic stainless steel frame Plastic Plastic
Amazon Alexa
Google Assistant
Webhook Call
Temperature Sensor
Motion Sensor
Crowd GPS®
Left Behind Notification
Battery Life 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
Mobile Compatibility iOS
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