Skip The Lines And Buy These On Amazon

Skip The Lines And Buy These On Amazon

If had a physical store, it would be a combination of Costco, Walmart, and Target but 10x the size of any Costco location. Amazon has thousands of products ranging from everyday items to more obscure objects. Many items on Amazon can be purchased at a significantly lower rate than is offered in stores, and can be delivered with free two day shipping if purchased using an Amazon Prime account.


Phones accessories are expensive! Apple power cords cost at $19, while other accessories like phone cases, and adapters can cost more than $50. Amazon sells charging cords and dongles  for under $10 each. Phone cases are also available for as low as $8 while battery cases can be found for $35. Make sure to read reviews before purchasing, as some non-Apple brand chargers may not work.


With a prime subscription,  users can access Audible ad-free and listen to some of their favorite audiobooks and podcasts.  Renting textbooks on Amazon is ideal for students, since textbooks are often eligible for Prime shipping and available at a fraction of the cost of purchasing the textbook. Additionally, return shipping is included in the cost of the rental so students no longer end up with textbooks they’re never going to use again.   


The Amazon Home storefront offers items ranging from furniture to bed sheets. The wide range of accessories offer significantly lower prices than items available in stores, while customer reviews provide insight into product quality. They even offer smart home accessories, compatible with Alexa and the Pebblebee Stone.