Kids and Expensive Backpacks: How Trackers Can Help Ease Your Worries

Kids and Expensive Backpacks: How Trackers Can Help Ease Your Worries

Raising a child in the U.S. comes with a staggering price tag: $286,000 on average. This figure encompasses essentials like food, housing, transportation, healthcare, and education. And don't forget the frequent replacements for the items kids misplace every day!

Among the common items that kids misplace are expensive backpacks. Backpacks can be a major inconvenience if they're missing. Luckily, there's a growing trend of using trackers to track them.

These trackers attach to the backpack and wireless technologies to track its location. This way, they help parents find the lost item. In this post, we'll discuss the perks of using trackers on backpacks. Read on.

Track The Backpack's Location

Backpack trackers have a smart finder that tracks locations using Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, and cellular networks. Each of these technologies presents unique benefits to backpack users. The type of technology used to track the location of an item will depend on the specific tracker and the application.

For instance, a GPS tracker is perfect for tracking an item that covers a long distance. A Bluetooth tracker would work well with an item that's close to the user. Either way, the location tracking accuracy will depend on the technology used and the environment.

Get Alerts When The Backpack Leaves a Designated Area

You can set up geofencing alerts for a backpack tracker. The alerts help ensure that the bag doesn't leave a designated area. You can receive alerts if the backpack leaves a designated area to take appropriate action.

Log in to the tracker's website or app to set up geofencing alerts and a label maker for a backpack tracker. From the settings for geofencing alerts, create a geofence around the designated area. Lastly, save the settings.

When your child uses a backpack tracker with geofencing alerts, ensure that the geofencing alerts are active. Set the geofence around a secure area, such as your child's school or home.

Receive Tracker Battery Life Alerts on Expensive Backpacks

Some trackers send notifications when the battery is low. With this feature, you can avoid losing track of the backpack because the battery dies. You'll know when the battery is low, so you can take steps to recharge it.

If you are considering buying a backpack tracker, choose one that sends notifications when the battery is low. Turn off the tracker when you aren't using it to keep your backpack tracker's battery life going strong. Keeping the tracker in a cool, dry place can also have the same effect.

Like other batteries, batteries fitted in trackers are sensitive to harsh conditions. So avoid exposing the tracker to extreme temperatures. Don't drop or damage the tracker to keep it working properly for longer.

Get Peace of Mind

Knowing that you can track your child's backpack can give you peace of mind. You'll be certain about the bag's location when your kid is out of sight. As such, you relax and get organized without worrying about your child's belongings.

Ensure the tracker has the needed features, such as GPS tracking, geofencing, and alerts. Trackers can range in pricing from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. So, the tracker's price is also an important factor to consider.

Track Your Child's Belongings With Pebblebee Today

Losing expensive backpacks can greatly inconvenience both a parent and child. By using a backpack tracker, you will always know where your child is. You'll also be certain that their belongings are safe.

If you need Bluetooth item trackers to help keep track of your belongings, Pebblebee is here to help. Learn more about their use cases and hopefully get one.