How Do Bluetooth Tracking Devices Work?

How Do Bluetooth Tracking Devices Work?

So you're thinking of investing in a Bluetooth tracking device, but wondering how they work?

This is a great product. It's revolutionized the way we find everyday items. You'll save yourself hours—or days if you do the math—in hunting for waylaid objects.

But how do Bluetooth tracking devices work? Read on to find out.

What Is a Bluetooth Tracking Device?

A Bluetooth tracking device is something that can be used to locate missing items if you can't find them.

The tracker is connected to these items and also hooked up to your smartphone. This is done using the Bluetooth feature.

This means that if you lose something that has the tracker on it, you will be able to use your phone to find it.

By simply using the locator feature on your phone, the tracker will sound and make itself known. You'll therefore be able to follow the noise and find the missing item.

Some everyday items are sold with these built-in. But you can purchase the tracker on its own too to attach to whatever you choose.

How Do Bluetooth Tracking Devices Work?

This feature sounds great, but how does it actually work?

Once you obtain the tracker, it needs to be synced up with your phone. Doing this means that the two devices can share data. The name for this sharing of data between the Bluetooth tracking device and the phone is encryption.

The two devices will communicate electronically and will do so automatically once synced. They do this by creating a personal-area network. This network is specific to these two devices, which means no other ones that function with Bluetooth can interfere with them.

The radio frequencies will bounce between the paired devices so they can form a 'conversation' and remain connected. This is why this method is ideal for locating lost items.

A Bluetooth tracking device works with a battery that will often need replacing once a year. Some are sold with a spare battery—others might require you to buy a new one. But they are long-lasting and energy-efficient. They are also small and inexpensive.

How Do Bluetooth Trackers' Features Work?

The main feature of a Bluetooth device is the Bluetooth itself. This feature is known to be more effective than Satellite Navigation as it works indoors as well as outdoors. This is in part due to the Bluetooth feature working via its personal network connection. GPS relies on satellites.

One of the best features is the way a tracker makes a noise when you're trying to find it. This speeds things up so efficiently, meaning you aren't relying on your eyes only.

The noise is often able to be customized and the volume changed too. Some tracking devices can produce a notification alert up to 97db.

There will also often be an alert if your device goes out of range. This is a fantastic feature if you were to leave your tracked items somewhere in public. You will be notified and be able to retrieve it before anything bad might happen to it.

This is also a great feature should you drop something. It would warn you and you'd be able to retrace your steps and find it before someone else does.

The tracker app will also feature updates as well, so your consumer experience is likely to always be improved upon.

How Does Setting up and Using a Bluetooth Tracker Work?

You'll need to download the app that works with the tracking device and follow the instructions on your smartphone. This will sync them up and create their personal network connection.

The Pebblebee app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Make sure that your phone's Bluetooth is enabled and that you've shared location permissions with the Pebblebee app.

If the tracker is not a builtin model already attached to the item you are hoping to keep tabs on, you will next need to attach it. You can buy everyday items such as purses, wallets, keyrings, luggage, and pet collars with trackers included.

Once you have synced the devices, the app can be used to find the item by turning on the alert function on your smartphone. Some apps use a map function to show you where the missing item is. Some offer the option to make a sound. Follow the sound, and you'll find the missing item.

It usually works for up to 80 meters and also works both ways. So, if you have your tracker on your purse and can't find your phone, you can press the tracking button on the purse, and your phone will make a sound. This even works if your phone is set to vibrate or silent for added convenience.

There are also an array of accessories you can get to use with your Bluetooth tracking device. You can purchase clips to connect the device to the desired item, such as a wallet, purse, or luggage.


You asked 'how do Bluetooth tracking devices work'? Now you know. And Bluetooth trackers have revolutionized many people's day-to-day lives by saving them time and worry.

They are ideal for adults and kids alike. A grown-up is just as likely to misplace something in a rush as a child is to leave their bag on the school bus.

Many also work with popular household assistants, too. This means you can ask the likes of Google Assistant and Alexa to help you in searching for your items. Check out these products that work with household assistants.