How Do Bluetooth Trackers Work with Smart Home Systems?

How Do Bluetooth Trackers Work with Smart Home Systems?

"Alexa, find my keys." Silence... Find out how you can use a Bluetooth tracker to connect with Alexa and other smart home devices to locate missing keys.

Having a hard time finding your keys?

It’s common for most people to misplace their trinkets throughout their homes. They have this false sense of security that they’ll find it as long as it’s within the house.

An easier way to do it is through your smart home system. How do you do that? Find out how a Bluetooth tracker works with Alexa or Google Assistant through this guide:

bluetooth tracker with Alexa
Our premium bluetooth tracker Pebblebee Finder 2.0 works with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

Bluetooth Trackers Using Alexa

Setting up a Bluetooth tracking device with Alexa can vary depending on the device. However, a common step is enabling the device’s skill in Alexa. It means installing the Alexa app on your phone first.

Go to either the Google Play Store or the Apple App store to find the Alexa app. After downloading and installing, open the app. Go to Settings, look for Devices, and select Trackers.

After that, you can enable the skill of your chosen location tracker device. Follow the in-app instructions to accomplish your installation.

How to Enable Pebblebee on Alexa

Do you have a verified Pebblebee account with a claimed device? Turn your Alexa on and say, “enable the Pebblebee skill.” Go to the “Skills & Games” page and go to the “Your Skills” section on your Alexa app.

Tap the “Find my Phone and Keys” underneath the “Enabled” tab. Pick the “Link” option and enter your Pebblebee account email address. Input the verification code you’ll receive in your email.

After that, go to your Pebblebee app to pick a voice tag for your device. Go to your settings and select the appropriate item. You may then tell Alexa to “Ask Pebblebee to find my (item you need).”

The Pebblebee app works with our tracking devices, whether it’s the Finder 2.0 or the BlackCard. As long as you’re within 500 feet of your item, you can use Alexa to locate it.

Bluetooth Trackers Using Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a popular tool because it comes from the biggest search engine in the world. It comes with lots of neat features like Amazon’s Alexa, including voice support for trackers. Again, the process of connecting your trackers depends on your chosen device.

Use the Google Home app to link the tracker and set the Voice Match in Assistant. It works as long as the device is compatible with Google Assistant. You must use the Bluetooth finder app to finish the initial setup.

After finishing the setup, you can now use simple phrases to locate your trackers.

How to Enable Pebblebee on Google Assistant

Like in Alexa, you must have a verified Pebblebee account with a claimed device. Open your Google Assistant app. Look for the “Explore more from Assistant” button and tap it.

Once prompted, search for “Pebblebee” and look at the top of the page. You’ll see a “Link” button. Tap on it to log in to Pebblebee using your registered email address.

After that, type in the verification code you’ll receive at your email address. Go to the Pebblebee app and pick the right voice tag for your device. Once finished, you can now ask Google Assistant to find your device by saying, “Ask Pebblebee to find my (item).”

What to Look for in a Bluetooth Tracker

Now you know how easy it is to integrate your Bluetooth finder into your home’s smart system. If you want to get one for your devices, you must pay attention to some tracker differences. Here are some:

1. Batteries

Bluetooth trackers have varying batteries. Some can last for six months while others for two years. The batteries can either be replaceable or rechargeable. Some manufacturers offer discounted renewal programs for the entire device.

Trackers with rechargeable batteries often have short battery life. Depending on the brand, the period before the next recharge can range between a week and three months. Recharging them often requires a standard USB mini charger, similar to older phones.

Replaceable batteries often last at least six months. Depending on your chosen model, a battery can last for as long as two years. After it runs out, you must buy and replace it on your own.

Trackers often use coin-shaped batteries. You’ll find them in shops, whether brick-and-mortar stores or online shops. Depending on the brand, they cost between $1 and $5.

Non-replaceable batteries usually last longer. As trackers need replacements after a year, most companies offer discounts when you buy a new one. The discounts can go as high as 50%.

2. Range

Bluetooth-based devices’ ideal work range is 30 feet. Bluetooth trackers use BLE, extending the range to around 100 feet. Some companies found ways to further stretch it to a maximum of 500 feet.

Regardless, the effective connection range depends on your surroundings. Obstacles decrease the range of connectivity.

You get best range when you’re outside, without any walls blocking the bluetooth signal.

3. Sound Volume

Volume is one of the primary features of a Bluetooth tracker. Many smart homes have a singular Bluetooth voice assistant installed throughout the house. You must hear the ringing even when it’s under the couch cushion or a pile of toys.

Consider the ringer melody. Ask whether you’ll hear it when your home is noisy. It’s always better to have more options for the ringer to make them sound more distinguishable.

4. Uses

Before getting a tracker, think about how you’ll use it. Is it for your keys, wallet, backpack, or pet? Some trackers come with more features like thinness, water-resistance, or out-of-range alerts.

5. Price

You must think about how much you’re willing to spend on a tracker. Factor in the features and see whether they’re worth spending more. Check their companion app ratings and feedback to help ease your decision.

Get a Bluetooth Tracker Today

With a Bluetooth tracker, you need not worry about losing your keys and other valuables. At home, you’ll have an easier time locating them because of your smart home system.

Do you want a good tracker for your valuables? Fill out our contact form and let us help you out.