The Ultimate Guide to Bluetooth Tracking Devices

The Ultimate Guide to Bluetooth Tracking Devices

According to research conducted by IKEA, we waste, on average, 6 minutes looking for our keys in the morning.

And the average American spends 55 minutes a day on the hunt for mislaid items according to research. That's 12 days of the year!

The answer to these problems? Bluetooth tracking! Read on to learn precisely what devices with Bluetooth trackers do.

What is a Bluetooth Tracking Device?

A Bluetooth tracker can be attached to your belongings and connected, via Bluetooth, to your phone.

Some everyday items are sold with these built-in. But you can purchase the tracker on its own, too, and attach it to whatever you choose.

The idea is that, if you misplace the item, you can locate it on your phone. You can use your phone to activate a notification on the device, making it much quicker to find where you've left it.

Never lose your keys again with a Bluetooth tracker

How Does a Bluetooth Tracker Work?

Bluetooth trackers need to be paired with your smartphone. This connects them, meaning the two devices can share data. This occurs via the method of encryption.

Then, when they come into contact when you use one device to locate the other, they communicate electronically. This is usually an automatic function. Often you will not need to manually pair items each time you want to use them together if you have already synced them up.

The two devices will form a network known as a personal-area network. The radio frequencies will bounce between the paired devices so they can form a "conversation" and remain connected.

This is why this method is ideal for locating lost items.

Setting Up and Using a Bluetooth Tracker

The tracker will be paired with your phone using an app. Download the app that works with the tracking device and follow the guided steps on the phone to connect the two.

If the tracker is not built into the item you don't want to lose, attach it. Some objects come with trackers already in them. For example, you can purchase keyrings, wallets, luggage, and pet collars with trackers included.

Use the app to locate the lost item by turning on the alert function on your phone. Some apps will show you where your item is on a map, while others offer the option to make a sound. Follow the sound and you'll find the missing item.

It usually works for up to 80 meters. It works both ways, too. If you have your tracker on your keys and can't find your phone, you can press the tracking button on the keys and your phone will make a sound. This even works if your phone is set to vibrate or silent.

Bluetooth Tracker Features

A Bluetooth tracking device works with a battery that will need replacing about once a year. Some are sold with a spare battery; others might require you to buy a new one. But they are long-lasting and energy-efficient. They are also small and inexpensive.

Obviously, the main feature is the Bluetooth itself, which is better than standard GPS. This is partly because you don't have to be outside to use the device, unlike many GPS systems.

There will usually be an option to adjust the sound the tracker makes when you're trying to find it, and how loud it will be.

Some tracking devices can produce a notification alert up to 97db. This is another great function of a Bluetooth tracker. Sound is easier to follow when you're trying to find something. It's a lot quicker than wasting time visually searching.

There will also often be an alert if your device goes out of range. This is handy if you were to leave your keys or wallet, for example, in a restaurant or at someone's house. Your phone will tell you that they've been left behind.

This could also be helpful if you were to drop something. It would warn you and you'd be able to retrace your steps.

A Great Gift

Bluetooth trackers make a great gift. They're great for people who like gadgets. They're equally suited to those who lose things or those who are often worried about losing things.

They make good gifts for kids as well, all the while putting your mind at ease that they won't leave their bags on the school bus.

Another handy feature is that trackers often come in an array of colors so you can pick one that suits your style, or the style of the item you will attach it to. This is another perk to giving them as gifts — you can choose one in the style of your loved one.

You might want to disguise it. In which case, if you own a black wallet or purse, buy a black tracker. Or if you want to make it obvious or add a splash of color to your accessory, purchase a bright tracker instead.

The tracker app will also feature updates as well, so your consumer experience is likely to always be improved upon.

Making Life Simpler

With so many aspects of our lives being digital these days, using a Bluetooth tracking device makes total sense.

Not only is it high-tech, but using a tracking device will also save you time and worry. Investing in a tracker for your most valuable items is a smart choice.

And there's a whole array of things you can use a Bluetooth tracking device for.

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