High-Tech Holidays: The 10 Best Tech Gifts for Dad

High-Tech Holidays: The 10 Best Tech Gifts for Dad

Struggling to find something to get your dad for Christmas?

When it comes to buying gifts for the family, finding something for your dad is always the most difficult challenge. However, tech gifts are always a great option as they allow your dad to fully embrace his inner engineer.

From personal computing accessories to smart home tech, the options are endless. This is why it's important to look through some of the most popular options so that you can figure out what to get your dad this festive season.

Looking for the ultimate gift giving guide? You're in the right place. Here are a few of the best tech gear you can get your dad this Christmas season.

1. Pebblebee Card

Does your dad always seem to lose his wallet? Then the Pebblebee Card is the perfect gift to get him this Christmas. This slim item tracker is incredibly thin and light, allowing it to slip into your wallet as if it were just another credit card.

The Pebblebee Card is completely rechargeable and works with the Apple Find My app (same as AirTag and other iOS devices). The Card connects via Bluetooth so that you will always know when your wallet is nearby, or far away through the millions of connected Apple devices. The card is also water resistant and can play a loud buzzer to help you find it with ease. There is even a “left behind alert” to notify if the Card has been left behind.
This is truly the gift dad did not know he absolutely needed.

Pebblebee Card tech gift for dad
Pebblebee Card (Rechargeable Item Tracker that works with the Apple Find My App)

2. Oura Ring Generation 3

The Oura Ring is a brilliant way to keep track of your health information without having to wear a smartwatch.

This makes it the perfect gift for those dads that don't really like wearing any kind of jewelry but still want the benefits of health tracking. The ring tracks heart rates, sleep cycles, and general activity to help encourage a healthy lifestyle.

3. Bose Audio Sunglasses

While you may know Bose for making great speakers, their new Audio Sunglasses is bound to catch your eye.

These sunglasses have built-in speakers to allow you to listen to music on the go.

4. FirePit+

The Biolite FirePit+ is a battery-charged firepit that can quickly light both wood and charcoal. This makes it the perfect portable firepit to take along with you on a camping trip.

The portable design also makes it perfect to keep on the patio for a chilly night out.

5. Meta Quest 2

Virtual reality is the future. This is why the Quest 2 from Meta is one of the best tech gifts you can get your hands on. The Quest 2 comes with a modern design and a completely upgraded internal design for added performance.

The Quest 2 is perfect for playing games but is also great for relaxing and watching TV. This is because you can lay back and enjoy a massive screen in virtual reality.

6. DJI Mini 2 Drone

There aren't many things as great as a drone shot. However, if you're in the market for a new drone, the DJI Mini 2 Drone is the way to go.

The Mini 2 comes with a compact design that can capture crystal-clear video from thousands of feet in the air.

7. Apple Watch Series 8

When it comes to smartwatches, the Apple Watch Series 8 is leagues ahead of the competition. This modern smartwatch comes with innovative health-tracking sensors that can help you live a healthy, active lifestyle. The new version of the watch comes with upgraded heat sensors that can allow you to track even more detailed information.

The Apple Watch Series 8 seamlessly connects to your iPhone to keep track of all your activity. This Watch can also check your blood oxygen levels and even do an ECG. This makes it a great investment in your heart health.

8. Nintendo Switch Lite

Does your dad love gaming? Then the Nintendo Switch Lite is the perfect gift to get him for the holiday season. The Nintendo Switch comes in a sleek, modern design that lets you play hundreds of your favorite games on the go.

The Switch Lite is the more affordable version of the Switch and comes with an all-in-one design. This makes it perfect for gaming whether you're on a plane or in the back of an Uber.

9. Pebblebee Clip

Take your dad's finding game to the next level. The only rechargeable item tracker that works with the Apple Find My app. In case dad uses an Android phone, fear not, the Pebblebee App is ready to be installed in seconds (4.5 stars on Google Play).
Get it here!

You can attach the Clip to just about anything you need to track, keys, backpack, luggage, car, trailer or anything else.

Pebblebee Clip attached to camera

10. Marshall Speakers

Marshall is one of the most popular speaker brands on the planet. While the brand may be well known for its guitar amplifiers, it has released a wide range of premium speakers in the last few years. However, the speakers still come in that classic, retro style.

Whether your dad would like a fixed or a portable speaker, Marshall has it all. They have three different home products, with the Action II being the most affordable option. However, there are six different portable speakers to choose from as well, making it the perfect gift.

Get Your Dad the Best Gift This Christmas

Finding the right gift for your dad can be an incredibly challenging task every year. However, you can never go wrong with getting him the latest tech gifts on the market. From wireless chargers to the latest VR headset from Oculus, your dad's bound to love a tech-filled holiday.

If you want to gift your dad the ability to keep track of his wallet at all times, don't forget to pick up a Pebblebee tracker for him today!