Four Things You Never Want To Lose

Four Things You Never Want To Lose

We’ve all seen how useful Bluetooth trackers can be for finding your keys or your phone, but there are more than just two things that these devices can find. Never lose the items mentioned below or let us know what items your Pebblebee device has helped you find!


For whatever reason, dogs seem eager to wander any chance they get. Cats tend to be more reserved, but keeping track of your outdoor kitty may also bring you peace of mind. We recommend using the Honey for pets since it is water resistant and will tolerate most of the situations pets get themselves into. The Honey has a range of up to 150 feet, so it’s perfect for pets who enjoy unsupervised strolls through your neighborhood. Brisket the Pug wears his Honey on his collar, but it’s also ideal for attaching to harnesses or leashes.  


Durable, insulated water bottles like Hydro Flasks are expensive, making them an item you don’t want to lose. Using a medium sized key ring, you can attach a Finder to the lid’s handle and know that your Hydro is always within reach. This solution is applicable to other water bottles too  😉  


Most people are pretty vigilant when it comes to life-saving devices like insulin or EpiPens, but no one is immune to occasional forgetfulness. Since most medical injection devices don’t have openings for key rings, we recommend attaching our trackers with strong adhesives like Command Strips or Scotch Dots.  


Canes are easy to lose. Their shape allows them to fit in the tightest--and least visible-- of places and they tend to blend into their surroundings. The whole point of a cane is that it helps you get around, but it’s not very helpful if you can’t find it. If your cane has a wrist strap, you can attach a Finder with the included key ring. For canes without straps, trying attaching a Honey to the middle portion of the cane using a durable adhesive. The Honey is a bit thinner than the Finder, so it would work better for canes without straps.