Don’t Lose Your Keys (Or Your Mind) - Key Tracking Devices Explained

Don’t Lose Your Keys (Or Your Mind) - Key Tracking Devices Explained

If you’re anything like the other 276 million Americans, then you probably have a set of car keys. And, like most Americans, at least one of those keys is missing.

You lose your keys way too many times, and you’re sick of it. So much so that you’ve scoured the internet for DIY approaches, and you’ve come across a few promising ideas. And we don’t want to get too excited, but key tracking devices might just be the answer to all your problems.

They do exactly what their name implies—they track where your keys are so you don’t have to spend time hunting for them before an event. If you’re interested in giving one of these devices a try, here’s what you need to know:

Why Track Your Keys?

If you’re like most people, you don’t lose your keys very often. But if you do happen to lose them, it can be a big hassle. You need to find a locksmith or car dealership and get a new set made—which will cost at least $100 plus any labor costs.

If this sounds familiar, it might make sense for you to invest in a key tracking device. When your keys go missing, there’s no need to panic over finding lost keys or expensive repair bills.

Car Key Tracking Device - Pebblebee Clip

Benefits of a Key Tracker

A key tracker is a small, affordable device that you can attach to your keys (or any other important items) and use with your smartphone to help you keep track of them. But it has other benefits too:

Know When Your Keys Leave Home

You can use the key tracker’s app to set a geographical boundary for your keys. If your keys leave the boundary, you’ll receive an instant notification on your phone.

Up to 500FT Bluetooth Range

You can easily track your keys from up to 500 feet away. The app will show you the distance between you and your keys, so you know how far away they are.

Key Trackers Can Stand the Rain

If you’re worried about your tracker getting damaged in the rain, don’t be. Key trackers are made of a durable metal that can stand up to Mother Nature’s wrath. It has an IPX6 water resistance rating, so you don’t have to worry about it being damaged by a few splashes of water.

Rechargeable With a Long Battery Life

No need to worry about replacing the batteries in your key tracker anytime soon, since it’s rechargeable. It only takes a little while to charge, and the battery lasts for up to six months.

No Subscription Fees

You will never have to pay a monthly subscription fee for location history. There is nothing to charge, no SIM card to add, and no contracts or hidden fees. The only cost comes in the form of purchasing the device itself.

How You Can Find Lost Keys

Key tracking devices connect with your smartphone, so you can see where your keys are at all times. You can sync the device and its app with your phone or tablet. If you lose your keys, open the app and follow the on-screen instructions.

Just Tap Your Screen and Listen Out

To find your phone, simply press the button on your app. Your lost key tracker will then emit a loud sound, so you can follow the noise and find it quickly.

How Do Trackers Work When You Lose Your Keys?

The key finder and the app can recognize each other by using Bluetooth, and the app will display your keys’ location on a map. If they’re close, then you should be able to find them fast by following the sound of the tracker.

But if they’re far, don’t worry! The app will continue to search for your keys until the battery runs out.

How Much Is a Key Tracking Device?

The cost of a key finder can vary depending on the features you want. Simple devices can start at $18, while more robust models with additional features can run up to $35.

Can My Key Tracker Be Hacked?

While nothing is ever completely hack-proof, these devices can be very secure. The trackers themselves are not connected to the internet, so there is no way for hackers to access them remotely. The only way a hacker could use your key finder would be to pick up the device and go through it manually.

Are Key Tracking Devices Bulky?

Key tracking devices are super thin and lightweight. They are smaller than a credit card; not bulky at all. And, you can easily slip them into a wallet, purse, or key fob.

How to Choose the Best Key Tracker for You

First and foremost, it helps for key trackers to be discreet. You don’t want anyone seeing it because they’ll remove it if they are trying to steal your keys. Opt for something dark with a matte finish like your key fob.

Second, check to see if the tracker can be removed with little effort. If it’s too easy to remove, then someone could pull it off and place it on a dummy key ring. The best trackers have a little adhesive or a sturdy clip holding them in place.

Finally, you’ll want to consider the battery life. If it needs frequent charging, then it’s going to be more of a hassle than it’s worth. Keep an eye out for key trackers with long-lasting batteries.

Track Your Keys With the Pebblebee Clip

If you’re always losing your keys, then a key tracker is a must-have accessory. The Pebblebee Clip attaches to your key chain and uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone. Once it’s paired, you can use the app to find your keys quickly and easily.

Even if they’re hidden under a pile of clothes or in the bottom of your purse, the app will show you where they are so you can grab them and go. Get your clip today and never lose your keys again!