Do you need a pet tracker for your tortoise?

Do you need a pet tracker for your tortoise?

Based on this story, the answer is yes!

Meet Red the tortoise. 🐢

Red lives in Ontario, Canada and is a part of the xx family. He likes to “race” around the back yard with his buddies Sushi and Diesel.  Miranda, Red’s parent wanted peace of mind, that she always could locate him in case he wandered off a bit too far.

After looking around on the web she stumbled across Pebblebee’s Found LTE - location tracker, and decided to join our crowd funding campaign.

Only a week after receiving the Found, she quickly claimed it and started using it.   Then, Red was gone! She opened up the Pebblebee app, and saw on the location map that he was really nearby, but she could not hear any sound from the device, or locate him anywhere!

Miranda reached out to our support team. She told us her story, and how helpless she felt in trying to find Red. He had been lost for over 24 hours. With Miranda's permission, our support team was able to verify that Red was nearby - right in her garden.  Since the Found uses both BLE (for nearby connection) and GPS over LTE-M, we could confirm 100 % that RED was there.  We got Miranda on the phone, and could tell her that RED was really nearby, and that the tracker was slightly moving, so he was still going strong.

With support on the line, we went over all areas of the property, and regardless of seeing his position, he was still nowhere to be found. We even went over the fence to the neighbor's to see if he had managed to get over there. In a brief second, our connection on the phone was lost.

We immediately called back. “I FOUND HIM! RED IS HERE!”
Miranda had dropped her phone while turning a wheelbarrow, and found him covered and buried in dirt. Red had been trying to dig himself out from underneath the wheelbarrow, but had been digging a hole downwards, and got covered and stuck.

Red with his pet tracker taped on

Needless to say that both Red and his owner were extremely relieved and happy!

“He is already walking around in the backyard, so he seem to be in good shape.”

With thousands of hours devoted to create the best pet tracker on the market, the very first big reward, came with the unlikely story of a pet tortoise named Red, that got lost and Found.

Learn more about Found LTE here.