9 places to keep your stone

9 places to keep your stone

We bet that your first instinct when you get the Stone is to put it on your keychain. It’s only natural; it’s small and round and this high tech swiss army knife packs a serious punch from your pocket. But there are a ton of other you should try the Stone. We designed the Stone to make your life easier, no matter where you have it.


Wouldn’t it be nice if there was fresh brewed coffee waiting for you every morning? Set up the Stone with WeMo’s smart switch and all you have to do is push the smart button from your bed to have a hot cup o’ joe ready for you. Or maybe you want a light switch next to you so you dont have to get out of bed?


Create the perfect mood when you’re cuddled up in front of the fireplace. With the Stone you can click once to dim the lights, and press+hold the smart button to turn on your Spotify playlist. It’s better than Netflix and Chill.


When dinner’s almost ready in a busy house, trying to gather everyone around the table is like herding cats. Program your Stone to send a group text when dinner is ready and relax while you wait for everyone to show up. It’s the digital dinner bell. Or maybe you are getting home late and nobody remembered to pick up dinner. You can order a pizza with the press of a button. Family movie night saved!


Maybe your partner sleep walks/eats. Maybe you are sick of your roommate drinking all your beer. When you put the Stone on the fridge and set the motion sensor, you can get an alert every time someone opens the refrigerator door.


Mark you calendar as busy. Clock your hours on a project or at your desk. Stop music when someone is coming over. Get yourself out of an awkward or unproductive convo by having the Stone call you.


Texting and driving is dangerous and illegal. But that doesn’t mean we’re not all tempted once in a while. The feeling of leaving a message unanswered can be unbearable. With a Stone on your dashboard you can program it to text your family “Be there in a few.” or “on my way” or even call them directly. We’ve all been there.


Attach the Stone to your handlebars so you can manage your music without taking your eyes off the road. Or for long roadtrips, set it up to instantly check the weather report, or drop a pin on your Google map when you pass a place you want to come back to.


Great for knowing when people are coming or going. Program the press to turn off all your smart lights and any other smart devices in the home. And just in case you are missing your phone when you head out to the car, don’t spend time looking for it, have that Stone set to ring your phone’s alarm too.


Catching those mischievous kids! … just for fun :)

The Stone isn’t just a keychain accessory. You can use it in almost every room in the house, at work, at the gym, at the store, at your friend’s house, at your gramma’s, at school, at the bar, at weddings, in your car… well, you get the picture.