7 Unique Uses of a Bluetooth Tracker Device

7 Unique Uses of a Bluetooth Tracker Device

Bluetooth trackers are one of the hottest pieces of new personal tech on the market. As their adoption rate steadily rises, more people are looking for creative ways to use these incredibly convenient and easy-to-use devices.

Using Bluetooth 4.0 technology, these tracking devices locate missing items by broadcasting a Bluetooth signal to your smartphone. With a companion app, you're able to track your lost item's location within a 500-foot radius.

Many of these tracking devices are incredibly small, so they can stick to just about anything. That means there's a world of opportunity for them.

Here are seven unique ways to use your Bluetooth tracker device.

1. Easily Locate a Pet

With a Bluetooth tracker, you'll never lose sight of your beloved furry friend. Attach a key-chain style tracker to your pet's collar, or you could spring for a more advanced tracker like Pebblebee's Found. The latter even circumvents the biggest limitation of Bluetooth tracking by including GPS technology.

Whether your dog is prone to hopping the fence or you let your outdoor cat wander the neighborhood, a Bluetooth tracker puts your mind at ease. Your pet can enjoy the outdoor freedom it needs without causing you stress.

They're also a perfect companion for a trip to the dog park, where you may want to let Fido off his leash to explore.

Some trackers, like the Found, even come with a buzzer so your pet can learn its range limits. This is a more humane alternative to a traditional electric fence, which can cause physical and psychological trauma.

2. Find Your Luggage in a Crowded Airport

So many suitcases look remarkably similar, so it's easy to lose track of your luggage when it comes down the chute at baggage claim. With a Bluetooth tracker, you'll always be able to identify your luggage, and the trackers are small enough to slip into a bag's front pocket without taking up valuable space in your suitcase.

You'll be alerted if someone makes off with your suitcase and can even make the tracker beep to warn them that the bag is yours. Trackers also make it incredibly easy to identify your lost luggage in a sea of unclaimed suitcases.

Tracking products make finding your luggage so easy you'll wonder how you ever traveled without them.

3. Find Your Remote

Few things are more frustrating than settling down on the couch after a long day at work only to realize the TV remote is nowhere to be found. Instead of turning your living room upside down looking for the remote, affix a Bluetooth tracker to it so finding it is just a ping away.

Since it's unlikely that the remote left your home, you'll never have to worry about it being out of range. You'll want to opt for a small tracker if you plan to use one with your remote.


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4. Locate Your Car in a Crowded Parking Lot

Forgetting where you parked your car can really put a damper on a fun night out on the town. Instead of heading off to your next adventure, or heading home after a long night, you're left combing aisle after aisle of cars until you happen across your vehicle.

Install a tracking device on your car and you'll never have to roam a crowded parking lot helplessly pressing buttons on your key fob and praying you'll stumble across it. The tracker will also be helpful in helping you remember exactly where you parked on a busy city street.

The average key fob only has a range of about 65 feet, so your Bluetooth tracker has more than double its range.

5. Find Your Wallet and Keys in an Instant

Everyone's felt that pang of anxiety when they check their pocket or bag and realize their keys or wallet are nowhere to be found. Of all the items you could misplace, these are probably the most stressful things to lose.

Fortunately, Bluetooth trackers are perfect for locating these items. Every pair of keys needs a keychain tracker, and slim credit card-sized trackers slip into a wallet with ease.

Save yourself a call to the locksmith or trip to the DMV to get a new ID by investing in a Bluetooth tracker. If you use a vaccine cardholder, you can even attach one to your vaccine passport, as those are difficult to replace.

6. Find Your Phone

While most cases involve using your phone to locate a tracker and missing item, you can also use the tracker to locate your phone. Having a friend call your phone may be an easy way to find it, but what happens if you're alone or left your phone on silent?

Most trackers allow you to ping your phone even if you set your phone to silent. This functionality may not be so obvious out of the box, but it will come in handy.

7. Use Your Voice to Find Your Items

There are over 40 million Amazon Alexa users in the United States alone, so it's clear that people value the convenience of voice-activated technology.

Since trackers rely on Bluetooth connectivity, pairing a tracker to an Alexa is a breeze. This allows you to use your voice to search for the lost item without even lifting a finger. Just ask Alexa to find your missing item and wait for the ping.

Voice-controlled searching isn't limited to those with an Alexa either. Google Assistant users can reap all of the same benefits.

Never Lose Important Items with a Bluetooth Tracker Device

Losing something important like your phone, waller, or keys can ruin your day, but a Bluetooth tracker device makes it easy to digitally retrace your steps and locate your missing gear. You can even attach them to your pets so they can roam without you causing you stress.

To make things even more convenient, many of the best trackers pair with a digital assistant so you can find your items with your voice.

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