10 of the Best Camping Gear To Bring Along on Your Trip

10 of the Best Camping Gear To Bring Along on Your Trip

More than nine million Americans went camping in 2021 for the first time. Americans are more interested in the outdoors than ever before, and camping is the best way to experience all that Mother Nature has to offer.

If you're looking to go camping for the first time, or you are hoping to make camping a regular occurrence for your family, it helps to have the right camping gear.

By investing in the right gear, you'll ensure you are comfortable, warm, safe, and have plenty of fun with each trip you take.

So what should be on your camping packing list? Keep reading for 10 of the most important pieces of gear to pick up before your next trip.

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1. Cellular Item Tracker

For most people, camping is an opportunity to get outdoors, connect with nature, and leave technology behind. And while it's great to put the screens away when camping with your family, not all technology needs to be left at home.

In fact, certain items, like cellular trackers, can make camping much safer. With the Pebblebee Clip, you can attach a tracker to any item you don't want to lose. So if you bring a backpack with expensive camera gear, for example, you can clip it onto the backpack to ensure you never lose track of its location.

Need something with unlimited range? Check out our Found LTE GPS tracker. You can provide each member of your family with a tracker, so if they wander off to explore, you can always stay on top of their location.

You can also attach one to your dog's collar if they're lucky enough to camp with you. Bring peace of mind to your campsite without limiting the desire to explore.

2. Spacious Camping Tent

If you're not heading out in an RV, you'll want to invest in a quality, spacious tent. Tents come in hundreds of shapes, sizes, and styles. So it takes time to find the tent that is going to work for you.

The main factor when choosing a tent is the size. How many people does it need to accommodate? Just a couple, or are you looking to pack the kids in with you as well?

Make sure to choose one with more than enough space. For example, two people will be much happier in a four-person tent, as you'll have space to store extra clothing and backpacks.

Also, make sure the tent comes with a detachable rainfly. If the weather is good, it's nice to remove the rainfly to enjoy the stars and provide ample ventilation.

3. Sleeping Pads or Air Mattress

There's something romantic about sleeping on the ground, under the stars. But your back might not think so.

To maximize comfort when camping, invest in an inflatable sleeping bed. They are lightweight and roll up for easy storage.

Or, if you have a pump or access to electricity, bring a proper air mattress for maximum comfort. By bringing a comfortable bed, you'll be able to sleep better at night and more fully enjoy your camping experience.

4. Cold Weather Sleeping Bags or Quilts

It's best not to bring blankets from home to the campsite. They are often thick and heavy, and they won't work well if they get wet.

Instead, invest in lightweight, cold-weather sleeping bags. Modern sleeping bags are very light, yet can provide warmth and comfort, even in harsh temperatures.

Remember, when sleeping outside in a tent, outside temperatures can drop rapidly, even in summer. Having a sleeping bag rated for lower temperatures than you expect is a good idea.

5. Screen Room

If you have room in the car, it might be worth bringing a screen room. These portable canopies can protect you from mosquitos, which is especially important for summer camping.

It'll be hard for your camping group to sit outside and enjoy the outdoors when they are getting bitten constantly. But you can set a screen room up over the picnic table that comes with your campsite, or set up your own table and chairs inside.

They also double as a cool, shady place if your camping spot is out in the open without trees around.

6. Headlamp

One of the most important pieces of gear you can bring is a headlamp. When you're camping, you need to keep your hands free at all times.

By bringing a headlamp, you can have all the light you need while keeping your hands free to eat, set up camp in the dark, or walk the dog.

7. Camp Stove

You might be miles away from your kitchen, but that doesn't mean you can't eat well. Bring a portable camp stove powered by propane tanks to ensure you can eat well.

They are small and light, and most offer two burners. This enables you to cook full meals. Grill bacon on one while boiling water on the other for fresh coffee.

To save space in the car, you can buy 1-liter gas canisters, which is often enough for a weekend trip.

8. Coffee Maker

Coffee always tests better outdoors. There are many ways to brew coffee at camp.

Many outdoor enthusiasts love the French press since they are super easy to use and clean. True coffee aficionados prefer the Aeropress, which is very packable, but only capable of making one cup of coffee at a time.

Or, for a true cowboy camping experience, you can bring a percolator, which sits right on your stove.

9. Solar Charger

Even if you aren't watching movies or playing video games at camp, you'll still want access to power. If your campsite doesn't have electricity, you can bring a solar camp charger.

Set it out during the day to charge up, and you'll be able to replenish the battery on phones, cameras, flashlights, and other electronics you need throughout the day.

These also work well when traveling in a camping van, and can power lights and cooking equipment, even while off the grid.

10. Satellite Communication Device

Camping can be very safe. But it never hurts to be prepared.

The best campsites are off the grid, away from cellular service. With the right tools, you can still communicate, should you get lost or experience an emergency.

Satellite communication devices allow you to send text messages from anywhere, even if you don't have cell service. Devices like the Garmin inReach provide satellite signals to your smartphone, so you can send messages to your contacts or local authorities.

Nobody thinks they'll get lost. But more than 600,000 people do so each year in American wilderness areas (though most are eventually found). You can avoid becoming a statistic by bringing the right gear with you.

Stock Up on Camping Gear Today

The more prepared you are, the more enjoyable your camping trip will be. With the right camping gear, you'll be comfortable, and safe, and enjoy peace of mind while connecting with nature.

If you want to keep tabs on the location of family members, pets, or expensive gear, make sure to pick up a GPS tracker today.