Tips and Tricks on How to Find Car Keys (and How to Never Lose Them Again!)

Tips and Tricks on How to Find Car Keys (and How to Never Lose Them Again!)

Imagine the scene. You're ready for work, wearing your smartest clothes, bag in hand, and taking your last sip of coffee. Today will be my day, you say to yourself as you head to the door.

Then, wait ... Ah!! I lost my car keys!

While this could be the start of a satirical comedy sketch, car keys are one of the easiest items to lose. In 2021, over 100,000 car thefts were caused by the driver leaving their keys inside and walking away.

Knowing how to find your car keys will save you stress, time, and maybe even your car.

Take a breath and read on!

Keep Calm; Get Your Detective's Cap

Adrenaline is surging as you picture the fates that await you. What will your boss say when you run in late, soaked in sweat? What about that meeting? How will you pick up your groceries? Where are your business cards?

The more you panic, the harder it will be to find your car keys. Take equally timed breaths in and out: counts of four or five tend to work. Pause for a second in the middle - 30 seconds later, you should think clearly again.

Walk Backwards to Find Your Car Keys

Okay, not really, but retracing your steps is a wise place to start. Try to think of everything you did before you lost your keys. If you drove that day, the car is the first place to start.

Make a quick list of likely places in your head or on paper. Tick these places off as you move through your home or surroundings. With luck, you lost your car keys at home, but you should also take the same steps for outside areas.

Pop into shops you may have walked past. The owners could have spotted keys on the ground outside and taken them in for safekeeping. Frantically knocking on housedoors could be a bit much though!

Ask for Help

Have you seen a friend or neighbor today? You could have left your car keys at their place, in their car, or at your meeting spot. Give them a quick call to ask if they have seen your keys.

Your spouse, housemate, or family members could lend a hand. Ask them to help you search your home to divide your search. Make sure they have time to do this; they will not thank you for making them late!

Worst-case scenario: You can ask a car locksmith or dealership to help you into your car. Make sure you have truly lost your keys first, but once you have gotten through the day, this is your next step.

Find Your Car Keys with Bluetooth

Technology to the rescue! Invest in a car key Bluetooth tracker and clip it onto your car keys. This tracker keychain links to a dedicated app on your Android or Apple device, helping you find your car keys in no time.

Look for a tracker keychain with at least a 500ft Bluetooth range. A rechargeable battery that lasts 6 months or more ensures your car key Bluetooth tracker is alive when you need it. Water resistance gives extra peace of mind, and an app-triggered sound alert guides you to the spot.

Your tracker keychain helps with more than how to find lost car keys. Clip yours to any item you often misplace. You could even clip a tracking keychain to your pet's collar to help you find them.

We should note that both Apple and Google formed an initiative to stop unwanted tracking. So you will be safe from unwanted attention.

Keep Spare Keys Handy

Did you contact that locksmith? Ask them to cut a second set of keys for you while they're at it. You can put them in a safe place at home or in the office, then if this happens again, you can still get to work on time.

Modern cars often use smart keys that must be encoded to your specific car. You will need to contact your dealership or specialized garage for this, but it will be worth it. Invest in a small lockbox secured with a combination lock to keep away prying hands.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness keeps you calm but also helps you remember where you put your keys in the first place. Consciously paying attention to your movements when you handle your keys can create vivid memories of their location. Studies show that mindfulness can actually boost your brainpower!

Of course, this is tricky when you are in a rush, but it may save you time (and stress) later on. Get into mindful mode next time you find yourself shouting, I lost my car keys!

Here are some mindfulness tips.

Forge New Habits

Keep spaces in your home or office saved only for your keys. This sounds a bit pedantic, but you will form the habit of putting them in the right place. You could put sticky notes down, buy a safebox, or add a key hook - now you know how to find your car keys in a rush.

Lose your keys more than you should?

This could be a habit too, and you should take note of the most common places you find them. Our brains tend to refresh when we leave one room and enter a new one. This is an evolutionary development to help us scan for danger in new environments, but it also makes it easy to lose your keys.

Never Lose Your Keys Again

Did you find your car keys? We sure hope so!

The Pebblebee Clip will make it a breeze next time. This tiny tracking keychain weighs just 0.88oz, has a Bluetooth range of 500ft, and is IPX6 water-resistant. Its speaker helps you find your car keys fast, and its rechargeable battery lasts up to 6 months on a single charge.

Use your Pebblebee Clip with Android or Apple. It is fast to set up and faster to use. They make smart gifts for friends, family, or yourself.

Never lose your keys again. Get your Pebblebee Clip!