The Only Umbrella You'll Ever Need

Designed in Vancouver, the Hedgehog Umbrella is meant to withstand all seasons and last a lifetime. Constructed from carbon fiber and equipped with a patented rib suspension system, the Hedgehog Umbrella will weather all kinds of storms without the dreaded inside out umbrella. Since its backed by a lifetime warranty, the Hedgehog Umbrella also reduces the consumption of plastic and polyester materials. Hedgehog has been featured in Huffington Post, Popular Mechanics, First for Women, and Vancouver Sun for its legendary innovation and strength. However, due to its lightweight and portable design, the Hedgehog Umbrella was just as easy to lose as any umbrella. Consumers expressed a desire to track their umbrellas which led Hedgehog to partner with Pebblebee. Hedgehog currently offers a bundle featuring their umbrella and the Pebblebee Finder. Purchase a Carbon Umbrella + Pebblebee Finder here. To learn more about Hedgehog Umbrella, visit their website