Smart Trackers: The Best Options for Travel

Smart Trackers: The Best Options for Travel

Every month, hundreds of thousands of pieces of luggage are lost - and that’s just by airlines in the U.S. Some of this baggage will eventually be found, but it may be days or weeks later. Others may never be found.

Nothing will ruin your trip faster than getting to your destination, and realizing that your luggage didn’t make the trip with you. Whether you’re traveling for work or fun, lost luggage can ruin your experience and leave you stressed and frustrated.

So how can you travel and know where your luggage is at all times?

With smart trackers from Pebblebee, losing items is a thing of the past. Which Pebblebee smart tracker is right for you? Keep reading to find out more.

Pebblebee Clip

If you’re looking for a good baggage tracker, we recommend our Pebblebee Clip. Weighing less than an ounce, and only 0.3” thick, the Clip is a lightweight, discreet smart tracker with a snap-on keyring.

Its small size makes it perfect to track your luggage. Snap it on your luggage like you would a traditional luggage tag, and track it via the app. Tap the app and it emits a loud buzzer so you can easily find your stuff.

Pebblebee Clip - Smart tracker for luggage
Pebblebee Clip - Smart tracker for luggage

Put it on your camera bag and never lose your high-end camera. Preserve those memories you took of your vacation in Mexico or your tour of Angkor Wat. Keep those valuable family photos of your favorite times together.

Or simply use it for tracking everyday stuff, like your gym bag, your kids’ backpacks, your bicycle, or your keys. It’s small enough to use anywhere.

The Clip is compatible with either Apple’s Find My app or the Pebble App, which is available for both iOS and Android devices.

The Pebblebee Clip has a battery life of up to 6 months. Like our other trackers, it’s rechargeable.

Need more than one? Don’t worry, we offer an affordable 4-pack.

Pebblebee Card

For tracking your wallet, or other items with narrow pockets or spaces, we recommend our Pebblebee Card. The card is only 2.12” x 3.35” x 0.11,” making it even thinner than the Clip. It comes in a sleek matte black design with rounded edges.

Its shape makes it perfect for slipping into your wallet or purse. No more wondering where you misplaced your wallet or handbag.

Use the app to play a loud melody to get your attention and help you find your wallet.

Or slip it inside your passport holder. No one wants their international trip ruined by losing their passport and having to plan a trip to the nearest embassy for a replacement.

Replacing a passport while overseas is difficult and time-consuming. For one, it can’t be done on a weekend or holiday. You may also be required to file a police report with the local authorities, as well as provide evidence of your itinerary and citizenship.

Pebblebee Card - with passport
Pebblebee Card - with passport

Do you really want to spend several days altering your plans and visiting the embassy? Instead, use our Pebblebee Card and keep it inside your passport holder.

Like the Clip, the Pebblebee Card is compatible with both Apple’s Find My app and the Pebble App for Android and iOS devices.

Found LTE

Finally, if you absolutely cannot lose something, consider our Found LTE. It weighs only 1.1 oz. Like our other smart trackers, it’s rechargeable.

As the name implies, our Found LTE takes advantage of LTE-M data. LTE stands for Long-Term Evolution. LTE-M is the latest and greatest cellular access network.

You may have heard of 5G, and its predecessor 4G. LTE is an evolution of 4G technology.

For the Found LTE, we use LTE to provide an unlimited range. Pinpointing the location of your Found LTE tracker (and your valuables) has never been easier. The Found LTE has nationwide coverage throughout the U.S., and in other parts of the world with LTE-M bands 2, 4, and 12.

What makes the Found LTE so different from our other smart trackers is that it takes full advantage of the Pebblebee app for Android and iOS.

By pairing the Found LTE and the Pebblebee app, you get:

  • Zero subscription fees for location history
  • Geofencing boundaries for your items
  • Alerts when an item goes missing

For LTE data, a subscription is required. However, your first 30 days are absolutely free. After that, a one-year subscription is only $72 annually or $144 for 3 years.

The Found LTE is perfect for your most valuable and largest items. Pack it in your car during your next road trip. Or keep it in your boat.

Pebblebee Found LTE - GPS Tracker
Pebblebee Found LTE - GPS Tracker

Of course, it’s also perfect for your luggage, backpack, briefcase, or any other bag that is essential to your travels.

Finally, the Found LTE is even more durable than our other trackers. It’s also IPX7 water-proof.

For tracking anywhere, choose the Found LTE.

Never Lose an Item Again with Pebblebee Smart Trackers

With a smart tracker from Pebblebee, you can make sure you will never lose another item again. Whether you’re traveling abroad for a vacation, flying across the country for a work conference, or driving long-distance to see family, Pebblebee has a product for you.

Travel can be stressful enough. Don’t make it worse by losing your valuables - choose a Pebblebee item finder and give yourself peace of mind with one of our smart trackers.

Check out our full range of products for all of your travel needs.