How to Use Your New BlackCard

How to Use Your New BlackCard

We’re so excited to introduce the BlackCard! It has a range of 500 feet which is the longest range currently available on the market. It’s also incredibly durable and thin enough to fit in your wallet. However, there are numerous other uses for the BlackCard besides keeping track of your wallet.


Since the BlackCard is only the thickness of two credit cards, sticking it to the bottom of a laptop won’t be too noticeable. The card’s button requires a double press to trigger the Find Phone alarm, so setting your laptop down won’t constantly set off an alarm on your phone. Attaching the BlackCard to your laptop will certainly provide greater peace of mind if you’re studying at a library or working in a coffee shop.

Passport Case

If you’re going out of the country, your passport is not something you want to lose. If you don’t have a passport cover, check out our spring travel essentials post for some suggestions. If you already have a passport cover, you can place the BlackCard in one of its pockets or secure it to the inside portion of the cover with double sided adhesive.


If your bag doesn’t have a place for you to attach a Finder, placing the BlackCard inside will allow you to track it. It can fit in an internal pocket or just sit inside of the bag like a credit card would. This is ideal for nights out when you want to be minimalistic, but still keep track of your belongings.


The Finder is effective for tracking luggage, but it does have a shorter range than the BlackCard. Additionally, if you’re a frequent traveller, your luggage is always on the move. Storing a tracker inside your luggage as opposed to on it limits the likelihood of something damaging or breaking the device. The BlackCard is slim enough to fit inside a suitcase pocket without displacing any other necessary items.