7 Best Holiday Travel Packing Tips

7 Best Holiday Travel Packing Tips

Before the pandemic, experts estimated that 1.46 billion people traveled worldwide.

Winter is arguably the best season in the year to travel. Flights and hotels are half the price than in summer, there is a festive spirit, and you can witness magical snow.

Even though there are endless reasons for a winter holiday, there are a few drawbacks. But luckily, you can overcome them by learning our travel packing tips.

Do you want to learn how to utilize your luggage space for winter travel?

If so, sit back, relax, pour yourself a hot beverage, and read our guide until the end!

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1. Research Your Destination

Always begin your venture by researching your destination before you leave. Every country, region, or city will have a different climate that will impact your packing. The last thing you want is unsuitable clothing in freezing temperatures.

It's as easy as going online and checking the weather for your upcoming destination. However, you must consider the temperatures throughout the day, not only if there will be sun, rain, or snow. A region might have clear blue skies even when the weather is below 32°F and surrounded by snowcapped hills.

Once you learn about the climate, you can begin packing your clothes and equipment.

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2. Use Packing Cubes or a Vacuum Bag

Once you figure out the weather and what you need to bring, it is time to pack your clothes into your luggage. And to maximize your space, you should use packing cubes or vacuum bags.

People also know vacuum bags as space-saver packs. If you want to squeeze something into every square inch of your case, look no further than a vacuum bag.

They work by a pump removing the air from the pack. It can reduce the size by around 50% when your clothes are in the bag. That leaves you extra space for valuable objects for winter packing.

Packing cubes don't save as much room as vacuum packs. Nevertheless, they make a significant difference when searching for space. Their best contribution is organizing your clothes. That will help assure you don't forget any valuables and give you easy access to clothes when you are in a hurry.

3. Roll and Don't Fold Your Clothes

Rolling clothes instead of folding clothes has almost seemed like a myth within the travel community. Countless people heard this travel packing tip but were unsure if it was true or false.

Well, we are here to tell you that it certainly is true!

A vacuum bag and packing cubes save you space inside your case. But rolling instead of folding them will create more room inside either accessory.

Once again, the technique works as you squeeze the air out of the clothes and spaces. The items will roll up smaller than when folded, so there will be more space inside.

Another bonus tip of rolling your clothes is that it reduces wrinkles in clothing.

4. Pack Clothes With a Dual Purpose

Packing clothes with a dual purpose is an essential winter packing tip. If you can wear a dress for the daytime and go out at night or shoes you can use with most outfits, you can save lots of space.

Leave that extra dress or needless pair of shoes at home to make way for other essential items to pack while traveling.

Neutral color clothes are a fantastic way to help mix and match your traveling wardrobe.

5. Wear Thin Layers on Your Winter Holiday

It is tempting to pack the bulkiest clothing you have at home. However, there are many reasons to avoid this technique.

First, they take up too much of your much-needed space in your suitcase or backpack. Two thick parkas are enough to take up your entire hand luggage. And that is even after putting them through a vacuum bag.

Second, thick clothes are not the best way to insult your body in winter destinations. Wearing two or three thin layers will keep you warmer than only a singular thick one. The air between each layer of clothing acts as insulation and keeps your body warm.

Also, if you get too hot, it is easier to remove a thin layer than a thick one.

6. Bring a Waterproof or Plastic Bag

When you travel in winter, the chances are you are going to a cold, snowy, and rainy location. Therefore, your clothes are going to get wet when you venture outside. Never mind if you want to indulge in winter sports such as sledding, ice skating, or snow tubing.

One of the simplest yet most effective winter tips is to bring a waterproof or plastic bag in your luggage. A plastic grocery bag is ideal as it takes up little to no space in your luggage.

You won't have much extra space in your bag. So separating your dirty or wet clothes from your clean items can be difficult.

Adding your dirty clothes into a plastic bag will keep them away from your clean ones.

7. Wear Your Bulky Clothes on the Plane

If your favorite jacket takes up too much space in your bag, there is still a way to bring it on your winter holiday. You can do it by wearing those items on the plane or while traveling.

It might not be the most comfortable flight, but you can always take off your jacket and use it as a pillow or a blanket. If you need more room, put it in the storage space above your head on flights and most buses or trains.

The majority of modern transport options have air conditioning. Therefore you don't need to worry about overheating during the journey.

Make the Most of Our Travel Packing Tips This Winter

Vacations are a fantastic way to take breaks from the stress of our daily lives. When you are away in a new exotic land, you forget about all your troubles, and your mind begins to unwind. So use our travel packing tips this winter to avoid the stress of packing before you set off.

Another way to avoid a potential problem is by checking out our Bluetooth luggage finder. That way, you can keep a close eye on the valuables in your case throughout the trip!